3 New Zealand Sisters

When I was younger, I had three female friends that are sisters. We were all close in a friend way. As time went on we would talk dirty, nothing out of the ordinary for young kids. One day the two younger girls were over my house and somehow we got onto STD's. This seemed to be the opener to talk about sex openly with these two. The younger of the two asked me what a pen** looked like hard and as the gentleman that I am, I obliged by going behind the kitchen counter and jacking off to get it hard. Once it was hard, I called her over to look and she came over and was shocked as it was the first penis that she had ever seen. Her reaction got her sister curious and she wanted to see it as well. So, she came around the counter and looked at it too. Of course, I'm horny at this point but we sat down and started talking some more. We brought up the subject of ***** and they wondered how it comes out, basically the mechanics of an ******. I explained the whole "pulling it back and forth" concept to them and they both wanted to see me do it.. I said, well, if you want to see the ***, you're going to have to do it. Surprisingly, they agreed. We went to the back of the house because the front was all windows and carport. Anyway, we went in the room and the younger one started pulling my junk. All the while, the older one just sat there and watched. It was so friggin hot... I was standing up and the younger one was sitting on the bed pretty much right in front of me. As I was getting closer to *******, I told her to speed up, THEN... my mom started driving down the driveway so the girls got up and started to run to the living room... I said... HEY HEY HEY... don't leave me like this, let's finish this... so the younger one returned to her duties and pulled it fast and furious and just as I was about to ***, I angled my junk to point directly at her chest (she had a dress on) and exploded on her chest just as my mom drove into the car port.. of course she was shocked but we had to get out into the living room before my mom realized what we were doing. The younger girl sat on our couch with **** all over her front as my mom came in and went to the room to change.. As my mom was changing, the girls expressed the joy of seeing their first penis and experiencing their first explosive man ******..

Oh the good ole days when sisters would offer services like this.. Why did I have to grow up?
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