Car Selling Pleasure

A few years ago I was still on the retail end of vehicle selling. It just so happened that I was dealing with a very sexy lady called Susan who was about 42 and very sexy with all the right curves in all the right places. And she happened to have a gorgeous sister that came with her to see the new vehicle she wanted to purchase.

Charming as I always am I did not stop till Susan was ready to come and visit me in my office after closing time, I always worked late and she stopped by to see what I was doing at the office still. Susan came and sat on my side of the desk and without thinking I started stroking her sexy athletic leg. Not long and I had my finger inside her lovely ***** that was decorated with a nice Blond landing-*****. She was kissing me and her ***** was slobbering all over my hand. lifting her skirt and removing her blouse and bra I then laid her down on my desk and started eating her *****.

I ****** her with my toung for about 10 minutes and she squirted all over my face 3 times. She was yelling for me to **** her and I just kept on delivering darts of toung into her wonderfull **** and eating her stunning *** and ****. I eventually ****** her and came into her ***** and ate every last drop of ***.

What a experience for us both...... she then must have said something to her sister Karen, who came to visit me one night after work and said her husband is bad in bed and Susan told her I was such a charming person. It was less than 2 minutes and she was naked and only had a soft brown bush covering her lovely mound. her nipples was shiny and hard in the low light of my townhouse and I jumped in and ate her **** till she could no longer *** and asked me to stop because it was too sensitive. I had to **** her hard and rough and she loved me to pound her in the ***. She loved it so much she became a regular sex buddy for almost 1 year. Then her husband decided to reserect their marriage.

The 2 sisters still makes my **** jump to attention just thinking of them, but they told a few friends about my eating and ******* ability that made me a popular choice...........
sabull sabull
41-45, M
Dec 12, 2012