Pleasing Your Woman

I just don't understand why guys want blow jobs from their girlfriends all the time, while wanting to give her anal, which gives him way more pleasure.
I think it's time we start pleasing and adoring our women more, trust me it will give her a night to remember! She will beg for more.

1) Kissing. Kiss her as often as you dare. On the lips, ears, cheeks and neck, or anywhere. I play kissing judo with my lady friends- just wrestle and try and kiss the most in say- 60 seconds. It's fun and invigorating.

2) Breasts. A woman's breasts are the most sensitive. Take your time to lick, suck and kiss her cleavage, breasts and nipples. I also gently nibble them, making her *** a couple of times.
Also, stroke her back for added sensation.

3) Belly button. I love a girl's belly button, pierced is so sexy. But unpierced is also lovely. I often put yoghurt in there and lick it out, making her scream and giving me a sex snack. I find blowing into her really turns her on.

4) Her kitty. I love this area. Licking the labia and
drawing shapes with your tongue will make her feel so sexed up that she might start crying at this point. Just a sign that she loves it, and it turns her on so much, that it effects her hormones. I always find a crying girl beautiful, I don't know why some men are turned off by that.

5) Other parts like the her ***, legs, back and thighs could do with a good kiss and sensual touch. If you carry on doing this, even when you've penetrated her then she'll love you for it, and she'll get the ****** she dreams of. Try it, it's such a big turn on to see a girl ***, knowing that you're the reason behind it.
Mib3 Mib3
22-25, M
Dec 14, 2012