The Journey To Climax

We first stare at each other longing to kiss. The stare become weaker as our lips draw closer, it was soft and lucious. The kisses started gentle and gradually become more intense, I softly bite her lips that make her let out a soft moan, while my hand caresses her soft body avoiding all the erogenous zone. That makes her panting for more...

She spread her legs, I place my thigh in between... gently pressing against her vagina... she let out another moan... now she has her hands on my buttocks and pressing me against her body to feel my rock hard erect penis against her thigh.

I started to kiss her neck, slowly down to her breasts avoiding her nipples while slowly stroke her dripping wet *****. She breathe heavier with every stroke and let out a big moan as my tougue gave her **** a tickle.

I cup her breasts with my hands and give the nipple a soft squeeze... she gave a big gasp for air, I go down and circle her virgina with my tongue and felt her juice flowing like a waterfall. With a flat tongue, I pressed hard against her and licked it all the way to the erect **** and gave it a gentle suck. She is not groaning for more. With my tongue playing on her ****, I slowly insert to fingers into her (after she wet it with her month). She gave out a loud "ahhhhh".

I started a circular motion with my fingers in her while with my tongue still on her **** slowly and gently increasing the speed. Her body starts to tremble, and she commanded more. So I obliged.... with my free hand stroking her entire body, now giving her other erogenous zone some extra attention. Her body now trembles uncontrolably and within seconds pulled away from me screaming oh god multiple times.... 
zeepink zeepink
36-40, M
Jan 9, 2013