I had always been a little curious of what it would be like to truly be with a woman. I am considered "straight" by social standard I am an attractive woman whom dates men and has sex with them. Yet, little do they know that when they are sucking my **** and rubbing my nipples, that I am imagining a beautiful dark haired female, my girl crush Brittany, sucking and rubbing away.
This all started my freshman year of college. I was being introduced to so many new and interesting people, that the topic almost always turned to sex and what your experiences were. I always lied and said I had had these amazing sexual experiences (Oh ya I have had **********, anal sure of course) when in all actuality I had only been with one guy, my boyfriend of 3 years, and although we did have sex it wasn't anything to call home about. He only wanted to have sex with the lights off, and in the missionary position, God forbid I share with him my fantasies or ********** in front of him, that would just be unheard of. Finally, before college we parted ways and in a way I saw this as my turn to be liberated, and express my sexual freedom.
On the first weekend at school, I was invited to this party with a new bunch of dorm mates. We all got ready together, and their were panties and bras everywhere. I tried to act "normal" but once one girl walked around braless, with her sweet delicious nipples erect and DD breasts swinging, I came in my pants. I quietly excused myself, using the excuse that "I was breaking the seal" and went to my room to rub a quick one out to the glory that had just happened before my eyes.
Once I was relieved, and cleaned up, I went back downstairs and thankfully we headed out to leave. This one girl, her name was Brittany, stood out to me the most. She was beautiful, petite, tight body, hot ***, and great ****. She was a gymnast and regularly practiced yoga and pilates, so her body was incredible. As we were walking, she stayed in the back with me and we chatted. She told me she was from CT, and that she was studying English, that she ultimately wanted to teach elementary school. I liked her innocence, and we made a pact that if the other girls got to rowdy (neither of us intended to drink that night) they we would use the buddy system and walk back to our dorm together. The feeling of being alone with her on the walk home set my **** on fire.
We arrived at the bar, and I made a beeline to order a drink. I got Britt one and we cheered to being "new friends". We started dance and slowly she began to grind on me, not sure if this was the alcohol talking, I played along laughing and telling the others girls that someone needed to be cut off. As the night progressed, Britt told me she wasn't feeling well and that would rather go home. I honored our previous pact, and walked the short distance to our dorm.
Once we arrived safely, I intended to tell her goodnight and send the remainder of the evening ************ to my favorite girl on girl ****, I had just purchased a brand new vibrator and couldn't wait to test it out! As I made the corner my room, Britt followed me and asked if we could hang out for a bit, since her room mate was gone and she didn't want to be alone. I hesitated, I was really ******* horny and needed some relief, but I figured I would have plenty of time after she left to enjoy myself. I showed her to my room, and she asked if she could lie in my bed as she had a headache. I said sure, and proceeded to head to the bathroom to shower quickly. After my shower, I went in to my room to find Britt completely asleep, her short skirt ridden up on her thighs and her low cut black blouse exposing her sexy sheer bra. I shuddered, sure I had just unloaded a huge load in the shower, but after this sight I nearly fell to my knees. I decided to nudge her, and wake her up, as it was getting late. I shook her a little admiring the way her breast swayed with each movement, and she opened her eyes and smiled saying "Sorry, I am exhausted do you mind of just stay here for the night, my room mate texted me and said she is bringing some dude over and I really do not want to listen to their moans and groans all night long". Here I was thinking I was going to have time to get off, and the girl I was touching myself too was going to sleep in my bed. I told her that was fine, and that I could lend her some clothes. She quickly hopped out of my bed, and ******** naked, to only her black lace thong (which I could clearly see she was shaved) while I got her some shorts and T shirt. I tried not to stare but her body was unbelievable her breast were perky, a firm C cup and her stomach was flat with the outline of her muscle lowering in to the V of pelvic. I shuddered, and prayed she didn't see my erect nipples through my cotton tank top. As I proceeded to climb in to my room mates bed (she was gone for the night), Britt sadly turned to me and thought that we would be sharing a bed. I laughed, and said sure if that is what you want and climbed in to bed with her. Mind you, I have a twin bed so we had no choice but to spoon. I was dying for relief, and the fact that her sweet *** was in the crock of my pelvic didn't help any. Once I heard her breathing even out, and was convinced she was asleep, I turned on my side and slowly started to stroke my **** lips, finally entering two fingers in to my soaking wet slit. I was trying to prevent the bed from moving, as best as I could, and just as I was reaching my climax, I heard Britt say "Casey, what are you ******* doing over....oh **** hahah sorry". She had pulled the covers back and saw my shorts by knees and my fingers in ****. I was mortified, frozen from embarassment, and literally began to cry. Britt, understanding my frustration said that she was "So sorry, and that she didn't mean to interrupt but that the bed was moving and she was sacred something was happening to me, especially since I was moaning like I was in pain". I could not stop crying, and after I pulled up my pants I left the room and went to the bathroom to collect myself.
"**** my life" was all I could think, here I was trying to reinvent myself at college and I just got caught ************ by the hottest girl on the planet. I decided to woman up, and walked back in to my room secretly praying that Britt had left so I could avoid my shame. What I found next was truly surprising. Britt was under the covers, with her eyes closed, and the whirl of something between her legs. The noise was loud, so I assumed she had not heard the door open. She was moaning, "****, casey ****, oh God" and bucking her hips with each movement of the vibrator. I could barely breathe, I didn't want to wake her from this trance. Finally she opened her eyes, and smiled at me saying "Casey, you are not the only with needs". She was using my new vibrator, and held a pair of my soiled panties in her other hand. I approached the bed and kissed her, our tongues met and we kissed deeply. I could barely breathe, this was the best moment of my life! Finally, I reached between her legs and used the vibrator on her ****. She was moaning so loud, and bucking her hips chanting "****, ****, God this feels so good". I proceeded to kiss her sweet nipples, then her stomach, and finally reached her pink **** lips. I lowered my tongue and licked the inside of thigh, spreading her legs far apart so I could see her ***** in all its glory. She was soaked, precum running down her thighs and on to my sheets. She had literally accumulated a puddle in my bed, a sign that she had been wet long before I caught her. Finally I rammed the vibrator in to her slit, and flicked her **** with my tongue. She yelped "Good ******* God, you are incredible", and began to convulse on my bed. Her ****** lasted atleast 5 minutes with me constantly moving the vibrator in and out of her while sucking her ****. After she had come down, I removed the vibrator, and continued to rub her slit, smearing her *** all over her *****. I proceeded to lick her clean spending her in to her second ****** of the night. She thanked me when it was over, telling me that it was the best oral of her life. That night my curiosity for women was solidified, and I continued to test the waters!
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Jan 15, 2013