Love It!

I've loved giving head since I was 13. I wouldn't let all the boys have sex with me, but I would always go down on them. Now my husbands loves to watch me doing it to others, we even drive around picking up strangers and he watches while we're in the back seat. I've even taught many girls how and I was told I'm an excellent teacher.

nstylisa nstylisa
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20 Responses Sep 10, 2009

May be my wife is lacking this willing ness... But I'm wishing to get a lot of blow jobs from her... It is not quite happening

I'd love to bump into you someday, I like it

how would you like to suck big colored ****? I bet your husband would love to see you sucking a few Hispanic and black men a time.

have you ever sucked **** through a gloryhole?

Suck mine please!
I am blow job deprived!

Can he watch u give me head

Your hubby can watch u sucking me off anytime. I love taking pics of women sucking me off..

It is wonderful to have a mans **** in my mouth and I love swallowing. How can I sign up for lessons as I always want to improve myself.

ur a wife to keep u write some awesome storie

How come I can never meet someone Like you that just goes out and gives head

Nice, a woman that passes the information and training on to her girls is the best.. sonds like a Happy family. would love to be picked up by you.

I hope i could meet someone like you on the way. You give me a BJ while your hubby is watching.

I m a man that like to get head and give to men and women

Ok can I suck yo ****

Where do I meet woman like you????

I have dated several married women and a few of them had their husbands watch us ****. When he was there, I always got very 'cocky' making her perform for me just to show off in front of I'd hold her head down and I'd thrust up into her throat choking her. She'd tell hubby how much she loved that...LOL! When hubby's there, I always make 'em submit to more nasty perversions than normal. They love showing off too!!

Isn't it wonderful. I love the taste and the feel of a man's c*ck in my mouth. Catch each warm and wonderful drop of my reward.

Mobile head service...I love it. Sumtimes the wife does it to me...but of course we pull over:) Enjoy baby! dc

OMG..... Definitely would LOVE to be picked up by someone as dreamy as you..... And to get blown while your hubby drives!!! Cant ask for more!!!

I have never had oral sex (male or female) (give or rec) but I hope one of these days I run into a woman like you who loves to give bj's. Larry

Boy do I wish I lived closer to you. I enjoy hearing hat you enjoy both sex and your sexuality. You seem to be making the world a better place by teaching others to help spread joy across the land. THANK YOU, from every man who has benefited!