I Love To Give Him My Milk....

I love to give my husband my milk because it feels good to him and me. I love to give him my milk because it has given something back to our relationship that we had lost. ITs a lil dirty, a lil messy, a lil odd, but its good to us. IT makes sex so much better. He licks my nipples then i squeeze it out for him. The i rub in a circular motion and get it ready for himl. Then he begins sucking the milk. He sucks til it loosens up my breast well. Then he squirts the milk in his penis hole and squirts in back out in my mouth. I get on top of him and squirt it on his chest and breastfeed him. Sometimes he just cuddles next to me just to breastfeed on me. He always ends up getting hard though. Then we do it all over again. We love the experience and wouldnt change it for anything. We look forward to it everyday. And ummm its good for the both of us.....

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Lucky guy

love the story please add me so i can talk about this

I would love to know someone like you:)

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nice you can give him milk also i hope drink some drop milk if your breast huge