Why Bother Wearing Shoes

Being an avid nudist I love going naked and since we live way out in the country we can go naked indoors and out and it is quite wonderful.  Even though I am naked most of the day since we work from home I used to always wear a pair of cheap rubber flip flops.  One day I was out walking the 40 acres of our land and one of my flip flops broke a strap so I took them off and started walking barefoot.  I really liked it and it really gave me a feeling of being completely naked.  I started going barefoot everywhere...up to the corner store in town, shopping at the local Wal Mart, etc and no one seemed to care.  I do keep a cheap pair of flip flops with me in the car in case I have to go somewhere that is far less desirable to be barefoot like a public restroom, etc.  Now that the big fad is to wear flip flops I see a lot of people do not wear them in everywhere and just leave them in the car or slip them off when they get where they are going.  You can tell the real barefooters from their black soles and it is just dirt which washes off with soap.  When some people who are nosy say "you are not wearing shoes" I reply "I am not wearing gloves either.  That seems to boggle their minds.
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5 Responses Jul 14, 2010

No flip flops for me, just plain old barefoot:)

Sadly, nudity will likely be the last taboo to fall. But in the meantime, we can make a start by barefooting everywhere possible! Thanks for your comments!

I think more and more people want to be able to go naked in public. Do you really want to put on clothes on a hot hot summer day just to run out to Wal Mart for some quick shopping. I would love to grab my clutch, keys and go to town naked.

I love being naked too sweety! :)

Wearing clothes at home is silly and useless and if your going to go naked I say go buck naked. I take it all off except my wedding ring.