It's Contagious When You Go Barefoot!

The thing I like most about going barefoot (besides the great sensation of different surfaces under my bare feet) is that going barefoot seems to be contagious.   When people see someone barefoot, they want to be barefoot too.  Some are smart enough to get bare right away, others only pine for bare feet!

I remember going to an outdoor fair where there were plenty of families.  My bare feet caught the eye of several young boys.  They pointed out my barefootedness to their parents as if to say, "THAT man is barefoot!  Can't I go barefoot too?!"  Some of the kids did take off their shoes and socks when they had the chance.  I suspect more boys would have been barefoot if their parents where not around.

Another time was in college.  During final exams it was really warm.  I walked to the library to study barefoot.  After a while, more and more people, guys as well as girls, had their bare feet up on the lounge chairs and desks.  It was cool seeing a whole library full of barefoot students!
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6 Responses Jul 20, 2010

"It's Contagious When You Go Barefoot"? NOOOOOOO !!!
It`s contagious when I go in shoes !

On Super Bowl Sunday, I went to my friend's palce to watch the game and during the middle of the game, he told me if I wanted, I could take my shoes off, which I did, along with my socks. So for the rest of the night, me, my friend and his wife watched the Super Bowl barefoot.

I haven't noticed this yet, unfortunately. Perhaps someday...

It is contagious. A few years ago, I went to a friend and his wife's new apartment for a home warming party. 2 hours into the party, her best friend took her sandals off and she was sitting in their couch barefoot. As the party was winding down, my friend and his wife were also barefoot and since I was one of the few people remaining there, I joined the chorus and took both my shoes and socks off. So by the end of the night, it was me, the best friend and the host couple all watching TV in our barefeet.

It is contagious and that's a good thing. Several years ago, I was flying back to my home and due to a storm, spent the entire day in the airport. There were three people on my flight who began talking with me. They were barefoot and soon, so was I. They were delighted that I joined them both in conversation and in getting out of shoes and socks. We hung together all afternoon and then flew back home in bare feet. Nice day despite the circumstances.

I've noticed this too. When I'm sitting in an airport gate seating area with my barefeet up on my luggage or on the chairs, I will notice women taking their shoes off too.