Have You Ever Flown Barefoot?

My last 2 vacations have involved air travel, last year to Riviera Maya in Mexico, & San Diego CA the year before.  Given the accounts I've read from fellow barefooters about their experiences with airline travel, I didn't free-wheel it completely on these trips.  I brought flips with me & had them in my carry-on.

The requirement to doff footwear at the TSA checkpoints makes for a great excuse.  My flips are in my carry-on.  I enter the terminal barefoot & check in barefoot.  Then at the check-point, the TSA agent commented that it looked like I was "all set."  Went in & went through, then to the gate while others were sitting down to put shoes & socks back on.

American Airlines & American Eagle seem to be fine with barefoot passengers.  Not a word from the gate attendant or the flight attendants, except for Welcome aboard, have a nice flight, thank you for flying with us, etc.

Last year my connection was at DFW.  They have a train called the Sky-link that you can take between the terminals.  I arrived in Terminal B, & my connecting flight was in Terminal D.  Deplaned barefoot, walked through the arrival area & took the escalator to where you board the Sky-Link.  When one arrived I got on, & hung on.  Got to Terminal D, then next stop Mexico.

Arriving at Cancun, I deplaned & went through Immigration, along with about 200 others, so I was in a crowd & not standing out quite so much.  Passport stamped, then to Customs, got the green light, welcome to Mexico.  One odd look from a woman in a uniform, I smiled & said Si! Descalzo!  She rolled her eyes, like "whatever."

Got my rental car, if anyone noticed they didn't say anything.  Then after a 45 minute drive, I arrived at the resort, checked in & in the lobby was a bar with Corona taps in easy reach.  This was going to be a great vacation!  And it was!

The return trip was just as easy.  Checked in, security screened & boarded barefoot in Cancun.  Connected at DFW & barefooted through US Immigrations & Customs.  Sky-link again, & there were 3 TSA agents aboard.  One asked me, or rather wise-cracked if I'd left my shoes at the beach.  I smiled back & said Hey, it's your idea, remember?  That got a few laughs.

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8 Responses Jan 31, 2011

Yes, I have flown barefoot and i will be doing so again later this week

Nice! Sounds like having a completely barefoot vacation is quite realistic!

I've always flown barefoot, and, like your story, have never met resistance. I usually go JetBlue, meaning walking across the tarmac from terminal to plane, feet in full view, and no censure. There's something ineffably satisfying about being the only barefooter in a cosmopolitan setting. Twice, kids have asked me about it with incredulity, but that's been the extent.

Well hopefully never. : ) I’m going to watch for bare feet and ask if it’s you. LOL I was just in Orlando last weekend . LOTS of people going through THAT airport. Mickey and Minnie are always inviting people over.


No, not yet. A lot of space in the airport. Not on the plane, but I'm following the person in front of me at more of a distance.

Do you ever get your toes stepped on ?

Yes I have done it! It's so fun to be barefoot.

Sounds great! Vacation and travel barefoot is the best way to relax.