Why I Go Barefoot Often

A couple of years ago I developed a bad pain in my left foot. I was limping everyware. This condition lasted for several painful months. After reading articles on the internet about barefoot living and going barefoot in public I decided to try this approach for a possible remedy. Much to my succes my foot pain subsided rather quickly. I still have the pain but not as often and nerver as intense as before.
I often go on barefoot bike rides, barefoot walks at a park, mow my lawn and work in the garden with out shoes or just go to the store barefoot. At work I must wear shoes and they are steel toe boots. I can't get around that. Much to my supprise I have had little to no adverse coments about me being barefoot in public. I do wear flip flops on many occasions but I drive drive barefoot often. In the warmer months I go to work brefoot and put my shoes on in the car before starting work. After work my shoes are off when I get in the car and my feet are bare until the next day.
I live in Southern California so I think that may be why many people are O.K. with my barefoot life choice. I dislike shoes with a passion. Going barefoot feels great and is fun. I do find myself smiling a lot more. I also feel less stressed when I am barefoot. I am trrying to live a more carefree and stress free life and barefooting is the key. As I find that going barefoot is fixing my foot pain, it is also allowed me to realize that the simple pleasures in life actually hold a true beneficial holistic healing value that I have been looking for fo some time.
Start the new year off right and ditch the shoes. Find others in your area that share your passion and share your experiences with others. Who knows what a better world this would make.

It works for me!!!
iwonto iwonto
41-45, M
Jan 1, 2012