I went to WonderCon at Anaheim Convention Center today. I left my shoes at home. I drove there barefoot. I parked at the Disneyland parking structure so I wouldn't have to pay for parking and walked the 2.2 miles to the convention center barefoot. I kept a pedometer in my pocket to keep track. I stood in line to get in barefoot. I went in and purchased my badge barefoot. I walked around the convention floor from 11:00 to 5:00 barefoot. It ended up being a little under 8 miles. That's a hell of a lot of barefoot walking. Then I walked the 2.2 miles back to the parking structure barefoot. I drove home barefoot. You'd think my bare feet would be tired. But when I got home, I walked around my apartment complex and had a cigarette for a while in my bare feet. I love being barefoot. And I have the filthy soles to prove it.
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7 Responses Mar 19, 2012

How dirty were your feet by the time you got home?

I was looking at the rules down here in south Florida for Comic com and even though I don't know much about the characters that people go as, I was curious to take a look at the rules on their website. Lo and behold, one of the rules said barefeet are not allowed due to safety reasons. I have no clue what "safety" reasons they are implying but if I ever do decide to attend one of those conventions one day, it won't be down here.

I'm glad you said it. Thanks. I'll be barefoot today. "Hell yeah."

Sopunds like a great day.

I'm starting to wonder why California is more barefoot friendly than Florida? We have the same climates and about the same in tourist attractions.So I'm wondering why FL is getting so foot phobic? They won't even let you in Disney world barefoot! It's so disturbing, it never used to be this way.

Young women seem to get away with more than men. Men get treated like they were released from the nut house.

I know. I just do it anyway. I drive barefoot all of the time, because I like the way the gas pedal is really tiny. Are the pedals in your car tiny as well?

I love to go barefoot too. But people look at me funny because no one here goes barefoot or drives that way. Girls laugh at me all of the time because I like to drive barefoot. Maybe I need to move elsewhere lol.