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Barefoot Is Wonderful

I love having bare feet. I like walking around without shoes. I especially love it at beaches and walking on the sand and feeling the sand under my feet. I love it anytime really. Being barefoot is one my favorite things.
friendlynudist friendlynudist 36-40, F 2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

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Even though it's December 28th, and I live in northeast Ohio, with snow and cold temps, I'm wearing my Croc's, just so I can easily be barefoot under my desk at work! I even used my snow thrower on my driveway in my Croc's last night. I would be barefoot, but for that amount of time in the cold and snow, it may not be wise!

sounds nice to be barefoot at work.

Me too, I really enjoy going barefoot. It is a lifestyle that I enjoy. I hope others will follow my lead and leave their shoes behind also.

it is really great to be barefoot