No Shoes No Problem

I've spent most my life barefooted or sock footed. I didn't wear shoes until middle school and only For a week cause my aunt forced me.In high school my feet grew immune to ice and snow so I went barefoot a lot then to. I never wore shoes to formal events either. When I was in band in middle school I wore a long dress and my barefeet. Nobody really cared. I even worked my first job barefoot. I loved how dirty my feet got walking around the corner store barefoot. My boss didin't seem to care and no one else dud either. I go to the outdoor rifle range sock footed because a hot shell from a bullet might land on my feet plus foot wear is required. I drive my truck barefoot and my dads combine harvester barefoot to. I shop barefoot, work barefoot , drive barefoot and shoot barefoot.
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5 Responses Sep 21, 2012

So lovely! Where do you live?

Do you spent much time on the farm in bare feet?

Barefoot is best! I wish I could do it more often. It is good to read stories of others that are able to live a barefoot lifestyle too. It sounds like people are excepting of your bare feet. I think that is great! I couldn't go barefoot in the cold though. More power to you.

If it gets to cold I keep a pair of pink socks in the glove compartment of my truck


I don't like wearing neither shoes nor socks. Heck, I don't even like flip-flops or sandals either. Being barefoot is the only way to walk. :-D

Your my kind of Girl. So rare and hard to find these days.