My First Ever Barefoot Walk !!!

Hi guys, I'm 16 and I'm glad to be here! I am happy to see that there are lots of us who enjoy walking barefoot. Today I am so excited that this is my first time going barefoot outdoor.

So I have been thinking to go barefoot and tried them but I was shy, but today morning I made up my decision to try them. First I walked in the garage, and it felt nice as the dust covered my soles. Then, eager for more adventure, I immediately walked outside my house bringing no shoes. I walked around the neighbourhood and it felt really nice. Still wanting more, I walked farther to the grass field and take a run. The moist grasses are very nice to my feet.

I simply can't hold my excitement so I immediately ran home to take my school bag and walked to school in bare feet. Usually after a morning jog, I changed to my shoes and then go to school but today I just can't hold my enthusiasm to walk barefeet.

I walked and waited at the bus stop when I suddenly realised that I had not wore any shoes. That is when I felt as a fool but I realised that morning I was too excited to wear shoes. I didn't think of what other reaction if they saw me walking barefoot but I just continued.

So i spent the day in the school completely bare feet. The teacher asked me to wear my shoes but as I don't bring any, they can't force me to do that :) anyway I made up a reason that my shoes are wet.

Going barefoot for the first time is so great that I even forgot that I was heading to school in bare feet. I just can't hold my excitement to share my experience here too...
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2 Responses Nov 13, 2012

Have you spent any more time barefoot in public since then?

Great post... This is my goal... to go barefooted all day. Not just being in the house, beyond my comfort zone