My Parents Never Let Me Go Barefoot Anywhere!

I used to live in Colombia, South America with my parents and my sister and brother. Our parents never went barefoot around the house or outside. Always had shoes on and never let us to go barefoot either. Then, every time I had a chance to get barefoot was a very pleasurable experience.

One day my mother asked me to go to the convenience store and buy some things for her and in my mind I had this wondeful idea: (The store was about 5 blocks away from home and I was to go walking) As soon as I got out of my mother's sight I removed my flip-flops and put them in a bag I was carrying with me. There I was, walking barefoot in the street (I was so happy) I got to the store, purchased the things my mother asked me to get, all of these in my bare feet. Then I started my travel back home when I realized that I developed big blisters on my feet!!!!! My god did they hurt!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I said to myself: this is what I get for desobeying my parents.When I realized about the blisters I put my flip-flops back on again but I was walking then with so much pain from the blisters!!!!!!!!
Of course I developed blisters!!!!! This was the first time I was walking barefoot in the street and not just for a small bit but walking about 10 blocks (Back and forth from the store to my home)

Anyway, I thought I would share this interesting experience. Now I go barefoot in my home almost always and occasionally I go barefoot to the bank, to the fast food restaurants, occassionally to Target, Wal-Mart, etc,etc.

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51-55, M
Dec 2, 2012