Stepping On Lego Barefootr

Hi, I'm 16 and I have been barefoot for like 2 years. It's just lovely to go barefoot. The sensation of the mud below your feet, the grass, even the hot asphalt. They're so nice to feel.

So at one time my friend and I agreed to play together in his house. As usual, I left my home in barefeet. I walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus, and went inside the bus till I arrived there. It was a no problem for me cause I really love going barefoot, and those things are usual for me. Heck, once I went abroad in barefeet, and I don't bring any footwear.

But this time, the real problem is when I entered his room. His little brother is playing lego, and a supercluster of lego pieces are all over in his room. My friend was wearing sandal as he knew if he wanted to walk across the room, he had to step on those pieces. A narrow room with a load of lego pieces.

So I stepped barefeet on each pieces to get to my friend, and it hurts as hell. Those pieces pierce my bare soles really hard.

My friend said "How's your feet?" And I said it was hurt but fortunately I didn't get injured.
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barefoot in cake and/or pizza. try it;)

bare feet in mud is the greatest feeling!

I agree

I agree too