Love to Go Barefoot-(barefeet Are Very Sexy)

I absolutly love and prefer to go barefoot ,and the feeling of being barefoot.  I have loved going barefoot since I was little,growing up I was barefoot 99% of the time. I only wore shoes(preferably flip flops)-I hated not having the warm air/breeze,or air circulating over my feet/toes.  I especialy love to go barefoot in the house(whether on nice soft carpet (like our house),or on beautiful hardwood floors(heated in winter)at my girlfriend's house.  Being barefoot whether in my house,my girlfriend's house,or our closest friends house is wonderfully comfortable,very sexy,and being barefoot (year round)is also our house rule(mine,my girlfriend's,and our closest friend's). 

When you wear shoes,they pick up everything and it gets stuck on the bottom,or in the treads,and if you wear your shoes in the house,or let other people wear shoes in the house they also are bringing in dirt.  The best way to keep your hardwood floors/or carpet clean is do as my family,my girlfriend's family,and our close friends do(have a "NO SHOES" ALLOWED IN HOUSE"-"BAREFOOT" ONLY rule. 


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1 Response Dec 1, 2008

I like your rule.