Nothing Better Than Being Barefoot.

Being barefoot. What a wonderful thing. The free feeling you get just walking around without the constraint of shoes. Feeling the dirt and grass after a refreshing rain. The feeling of sand sinking between your toes as you walk along the shore. The pleasant splat sound that your feet make as they crash into a puddle while you're dancing in the rain... It is so amazing. One of life's gifts surely must be the chance to go barefoot.

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I agree tha going barefoot is a pleasurable experience. I love feeling the ground under foot. It is a liberating experience that is second to none. I live a barefoot lifestyle and I love it.

Being barefoot is the gift the keeps on giving! :)

Being barefoot is the gift the keeps on giving! :)

lmao X]]

there is one thing better than being barefoot.<br />
being bare-all.<br />
stay bare!

:/... well at least you know the problem.. all you gotta do is work at it

sweet! X]

lolz true :] thats cool i can respect that.

lolz X] well if thats your thing, well thats cool :) it could always be worse. ;]