Planting Flowers Is So Relaxing And Satisfying

When I was a young man, around the age of six, I used to watch my grandpa do marvelous things with flowers and plants.  He showed me so many things, which i relish to this day.  Going to the greenhouse, and perusing the many aisles of color,  my eyes fixated!    It was then I acquired my amazement for the scents, color and beauty that flora and fauna bring.    We are so lucky to be able to use all our senses to capture such tranquility that nature puts in our hands.  To stir the earth with our fingertips;  to talk to them with our voice, and nourish their growth;  to watch them being pollinated by the bees;  to smell their sweetest aroma, each one pulsing with unique vibrancy that tickles our nostrils.   Annuals, perennials, I love them all.   Give me a nice stretch of earth, that I can watch bloom!
enjoythebeach enjoythebeach
46-50, M
Aug 7, 2010