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Good Times

In a tent, in a trailer, hell a sleeping bag unrolled under the stars, the back of a pickup truck or any other way you can think of. Let may watch the stars with no lights around, no Internet distractions, a fire going a few close friends, my dog off exploring. That's the good life to me.
Qtip1976 Qtip1976 31-35, M 1 Response Feb 9, 2013

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Hear, hear!

Well ... except for the whole trailer thing, trailers are NOT camping, lol. The rest though, the rest I agree with.

I had a 38 foot fifth wheel you hauler, that was camping...2 showers(1 outside 1 inside) 2 fridges, 3 tv's slept 9 people... wait that sounds fancier then where I live now...I maybe your right, I still say a normal trailer is camping


Okay, now this reply was funny. We'll just have to agree to disagree on the trailer as camping thing. :-P

It should say "toy hauler" with the garage, you mean more power, hot water, and amenities then your house has is not camping? It was a convience thing. Get home, 2 minutes to hook up the trailer as it stayed packed and off to the campground. Beats loading everything behind the seat of the pickup

I understand the convenience thing, especially when sometimes you just want to get on the road and get out of town ... But am still gonna refuse to call it camping. That having been said I would love to own a Tab trailer.

Lol. I drive for a living, it was the convience of being where I could "camp" and not have to drive or have cell service and could go ride my quad or dirt bike. I also ended up living out of it for awhile

Lol, understood ... Well except for the living out of it for awhile thing. I'm sure there is a story there somewhere ..,

"Sign here does not mean you own it" would be hat life lesson

Ah, understood!

That what I call camping tent sleeping bag ending a nite with fire and marshmallow ... Get up in morning go for walk get some wood to start a fire and make some coffee

Agreed, an that\'s just what I got back from doing. :-)

Ian jealous !! Lol

Lol. I can walk or ride my bike to where I can do all of that, :P and I can get threw the gate as well if its locked and I need to drive stuff down there,

*sticks out tongue at you*

There is no moon gesture :( :P so did I mention when I\'m there I\'m out of town and have an excellent view of chinaman\'s peak and 3 sisters ;P

Remind me to remove you from my friends list! :-P

You lub me...and you can come hang out here when you want

Damn it! I do lub you. Grrr. Haha. And thanks! Just you wait, one day I\'m gonna show up on your door step!

Lol...hurry up, I\'m gonna start looking at going up and down the road again soon

Haha. :-)

Me to me to

If you know where those mountains are feel free to come visit me

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