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I absolutely love to lick *****.  I love the smell, taste, texture and appearance of the vagina and the entire erogenous zone.  I love what I can do with my tongue and mouth to a woman.  

I go down on my wife several times a week and always bring her to ******.  Every time is a little different and enjoy mixing up my repertoire, so my wife doesn't know what's coming next.  Sometimes I am aggressive in order to bring her to climax quickly, but most of the time, I like to take my time as I enjoy it as much as my wife does.  I like it when I can feel her tighten her muscles, knowing she is getting close.  I slow down to keep her on edge and drag out her ******.  Her ******* are often explosive and she immediately wants me to stick my hard **** in her and **** her for another ****** or two.  She often has 2 ******* and sometimes as many as 5, although the first one is usually the big one.

While I am licking and sucking on her *****, she often lifts her *** up in the air signaling she wants some anal play.  By this time the ***** juices are gushing so inserting a finger or thumb in her *** is an easy slide. With in a few minutes of working her *** hole and continue licking her, she explodes and screams in ******, often digging her fingernails into my shoulder blades.  It is such a turn on and I am so rock hard that it takes me very little time to *** inside her when I start ******* her.  

She'll arrive home here shortly.  We'll have a glass of wine and make our way to the bed for some oral festivities.  We'll start with some 69, but she is often paralyzed by my attentive licking and forgets she's got a **** in her mouth,  I'll spin around and continue licking her or ask her to hold onto the headboard and sit on my face.  This is my favorite licking position, because I love the way her clenched ***** feels on my tongue when she is in the crouched position.  She may stop me for a few minutes, while she tries to regain her composure by  riding my **** and then she'll roll us over so she's on her back.  I'll **** her missionary for a couple minutes and then go back down the the heavenly zone and finish what I started.  I will make this last until she squirts or gushes the delicious nectar, knowing she will ****** any second.  She'll almost stop breathing for what seams like a minute, signally a massive ****** is well on it's way.  

After we're both satisfied, we'll change our soaked sheets and she'll fall asleep in my arms.  Could it get any better than that?

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I love eating a juicy ***** especially when they squirt all over my face and drown me in sweet nectar

very hot story