Anytime & Anyplace

My GF loves receiving oral from me (so she tells me and so it seems evident from her reactions). We take a chance any time we can get her pants down! She blows me all over the place and anywhere and anytime I ask, so it think its only fair! However, with a girl its a bit more difficult to get a place and time. We love the summer time, skirts almost every day and rarely wearing her thongs. Just flip up the skirt and away I go! Doesn't take long to make her *** once, and after once its easier and easier. In an evening of sex I can usually get her off 3-4 times with just oral. However, with a quickly in a washroom or change room or park usually we only have time for once! I love the taste of my girl, its perfect and the smell and taste just inflames my passion and makes me work harder at getting her off! I LOVE IT!
kenorapilot kenorapilot
26-30, M
Jul 16, 2010