Cream Filled Is Best

When I was in High School, 60's, hardly anyone talked about eating *****. In fact it was something you said as an insult to another guy.
Then I met a girl who taught me how to do it. The taste was incredible. From then on I was sold on eating *****. I was very popular with a circle of girls who loved being eaten, many for the first time. It was funny but they would resist because they thought it was dirty or too kinky until my tongue went to work. For many it was their first ****** from a man and they all wanted "That thing you do".

Later I hooked up with the girl who had taught me my skills and she had a new wrinkle to teach. I ate her like always and she sucked me as usual but then put me on my back and rode me until I came. Nothing too unusual there but then she quickly slid up and sat on my face. That was my first cream filled *****. The first of a 1000.

We married years ago and still I enjoy her *****. Sex never begins or ends without a snack.
sailm8 sailm8
56-60, M
3 Responses Aug 10, 2010

Nothing better then eating ********!!!!

Thank You. Sex, even after all these years is still an exploration.

That was a sexy and loving story about your wife. Lucky woman. :D