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My wife loves it when I eat her ***** and so do I.

She trims her ***** hair very short so that it can hardly be seen and I love the texture.

Eating ***** gives me an instant indication of where she is in her race to an ******.

When I start my tongue has to prize her ***** lips appart. I push my tongue deeper between them so that I can taste her getting wet.
The taste combined with that sexy musty smell of ***** juices gets me really hard. Hearing her moan with pleasure as my tongue circles and teases her ****, tells me I am getting close to satisfying her. When her ***** gets to the point it is soaking and spreading juices all over my face is almost as good as making her ***. It smells and tastes so good.

I just love it as her ***** becomes engorged and swells just before she squirts into my face covering me in her ***.

This inevitably leads to a fantastick **** as she **** again, sometimes on my **** but mostly as I play with her **** while she sucks the *** from my balls.
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4 Responses Aug 11, 2010

I don't always need intercourse. I am sometimes satisfied, just by pleasuring her.

Sorry the only person who gets to see my wifes ***** is me.

Yes, it's a highly addictive taste.<br />

NICE!! I love to eat ***** too! Do you have any pics of youre wife that you want to share?