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Making Love To Another Woman

There is a much softer, more sensuous, gentler rythym to making love to another woman than there is to making love with a man. It goes slower and much less hectic, much less urgent, much less demanding. More finesse and less force. More time spent lingering over the breasts, the nipples, the kisses and more time exploring one another's body. The excitement builds slowly but steadily, with the fires of passion being gently fanned and nurtured along, until both of us are eventually on fire with hungry desire, eager for climax. Then there is that moment when I go down on a woman, my lips pressed to her nether lips in the most obscene and erotic kiss, my tongue snaking out to slither along the delicate petals of her ***** lips, teasing and inflaming as I go. The tip of my tongue snaking between her ***** lips to dip into the syruppy juices pooling in her pink slit. I slither and snake my tongue over every inch of her most tender pink flesh, teasing and driving her to ever higher levels of excitement. Then I begin to attack her ****, flicking my tongue back and forth over the quivering nub, pausing to suck on it and to nibble at it before I resume swirling my tongue over it. I am rewarded by hearing her girlish whimpers of pleasure, her gasps of excitement and feeling her body tensing as little shocks of pleasure shoot through her. She grasps her hand on the back of my head, pulling my face into her eager *****, urging me on, and I intensify my assualt on her ****, my tongue whipping back and forth over it, until she is crying out with uncontrolled excitement fortelling of her on rushing climax. Until as last, she ****, her body tensing and thrashing about, as she is siezed by involuntary spasms of ****** joy.

It is the most wonderful thing and I love doing it.
outofbiz outofbiz 36-40, F 25 Responses Oct 5, 2010

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holly molly

I'm even more in love with my gf after reading your story and i can't wait to be with her i enjoy the slow sensual love making of a woman

It is a dance that only two women can share. I sometimes feel sorry for straight women who have never experienced it. Warm Kisses and Sensual Licks.

Dang make me won't to go out and see what this is about. Is it really like that? Please if a female suck my ***** the way it sounds in the story and comments where u at and **** i really been missing out. :-*

You are definitely missing out and you owe it to yourself to discover the sensuous delights of sex with another woman. It is whole different thing than sex with a man. I still prefer men, but absolutely savor the delicious pleasures I enjoy with other women.

Nothing in this world greater than pleasing a woman orally. The thought of licking, flicking and sucking a woman's little house of pleasure is a HUGE turn on for me. Apparently, I must be doing it right since I've NEVER gotten a complaint BUT many invitations for repeat performances.

mmmmmm, that sounds delicious. How I would enjoy our time together. Warm Kisses and Licks

You name the place and time, I'll bring my tongue.

I'm a married woman who fanticizes about being with another woman all the time. I'm seriously bi curious and want to make love to another woman. I even watch female **** and love myself while doing so. I've kissed women before but I want to go further. I do not want to leave dh, but I would love to have a best gf who would be in to loving one another when hanging out.

You definitely should. Bisexual women are among the happiest, most well adjusted, loving, giving people on Earth. It is a fantastic way to live your life.

I am in love with a woman for the firsr time and hope to go down on her when we can get together. I self presure myself every dat three or more times and can not wait to be with my girlfriend when she gets out of prison.

Wow, to be in love with a girl who is in prison? I don't quite know what to think about that. I fantasize that she is having sex with other women in prison, so she will be primed and ready for some hard **** when she gets out.

I have always been bi-curious... I guess I've been ready to experience this for some time now which is why I joined EP. Your story though has stirred up feelings of longing, and now I know that I really want to be able to experience this soon. Thank you for your openness. Your writing style is absolutely wonderful.

What sweet praise and compliments for my writing, Thank you so very much. How thrilling to be at that point where you are longing to experience sex with another women for the very first time. So much pleasure is waiting for you, such erotic bliss to be discovered and enjoyed. How I would love to be the one to begin your journey of discovery. If only I could. Warm Kisses.

Oh, would that it could be you. I'm sure the experience would be everything and more than I've ever imagined. Looking forward to finding someone. Cheers!

I think you taught me a few things with your story. I won't be in such a hurry next time and will bring her alone slowly till she's begging for it after having that big O.

I doubt that I can teach any able, capable man very much about anything, but I am so flattered that you say I taught you a few things. I have such respect and admiration for men, that it is very high praise for a man to say something like that. Warm Kisses.

Just reciently discovering my bi side and they way you discribe is something that I want...need to explore!!

I tried to add you but could not. Sexual awakening is a marvelous and wonderful time in a girl's life. Each new erotic experience opens your eyes and your world to delicious new pleasures, and hopefully leaves you hungry for more. Enjoy it to the fullest.

I added you. You sound like someone I would like to share with. Although I am hardly a girl anymore but a woman who is finally opening my eyes and ready to explore myself sexually...can't wait to see where it takes me!

How very exciting for you! That first taste of some new erotic pleasure is so deliciously wonderful. Savor each succulent taste of delight and treasure this time in your life. I so envy you that journey of discovery and awakening. Warm kisses.

Sounds like you're an expert :)

I think I am an expert. But always willing to learn.

Are you willing to teach too?

Yes, of course, particularly younger women and younger men.

Well you could teach me any day, and if you ever wanted to try any new techniques I'd definitely be your person too ;)

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Okay I have never went down on a woman and not sure if I'll like it.The thought turns me on but the taste will be something to get used to.What if a gag or can't take the smell.I've heard I will get used to it but it may take time and practice.The girl is younger than myself and thinks I am experienced.What to do???

Well, I am not a good one to ask because I love the taste and smell of a sweet, juicy *****.

Lady Bijou<br />
<br />
I am sure that we could give one another hours and hours of pleasure. Would I be able to share you with my husband?<br />
<br />
Warm Kisses<br />

ungabunga:<br />
<br />
I am certain I would utterly enjoy taking you, and us taking each other. I am bi-sexual, still prefering a hard **** but have developed quite a taste for delicious girls. You sound like you would fit in very nicely with my circle of friends.<br />
<br />
Warm kisses<br />

mmm i wish i could have you between my legs....

If I were a girl your story would push me over the edge and I would be looking for another female to experiment with. How ever as a man I can attest to the validity of your premise.


Mmmmmm, and I would love teaching that class.

as a guy i'd love to go to a ***** eating class taught by you!

You are my second signal of the day my Woman & Woman story on I Have Wild Sex Fantasies...You are delicious, my pu’ssy is shivering xxx

Why does this turn me on so much? So very sexy. Well done.

Wow! You really turn me on...I wish that was me in your story!

i wish tht it wasme...u expressd it soo well!!

I wish that was me!!!!

A beautiful expressed it so wonderfully and honestly !! It is exactly what it is like to make love to another woman !! Thank you for sharing !!

....that was a huge turn on.. :) nice story..