She Loved It. She Hated It.

She had boyfriends before me but I was the first one to go down on her. We were in the bedroom of my apartment.  I remember kissing her, working myself down from her lips, neck, breasts, tummy and when she realized where I was going she grabbed my hair and said I shouldn't do that. I asked her why and she said, "because it's so dirty down there." That's when she told me she hadn't let anyone else do that to her before. I assured her that I would be gentle and she let me continue. 

I started with my fingers thinking that alone isn't "going down on her" so I used them to massage her lips and occasionally rub her ****.  It was a good sign that she started to get wet real quick.  I finger-****** her slowly with one hand and used the thumb of my other hand to slowly circle her ****.  After doing this for several minutes and seeing no signs that she wasn't enjoying the experience I brought my mouth to her ***** and slowly licked her lips, first on one side and then the other.  Her **** wasn't large but it definitely was engorged.  I kissed it and started to slowly lick it: up and down and in circles.  She grabbed the blankets with her hands and clenched her fists.  I liked seeing that.  I liked it more when every once in a while her entire body would become tense, her head pressed back against the pillow as hard as she could.  I asked her if she was okay and she could only nod.  I started to work my tongue a little more vigorously and started sucking on her ****.  I would put her whole **** in my mouth and suck on it and use my tongue to lick it all over.  I did this for a while with my hands at her hips.  Then I brought one hand and resumed finger-******* her *****.  Not too fast.  First with two fingers and then I would use three, using a little pressure against the front wall of her *****.

She started to become vocal.  "Oh, no," she said.  Her clenched fists would pound the mattress.  "No, no, no."

I stopped and looked up at her but her eyes were shut tight.  I continued with my fingers and mouth.  Her entire body tensed up again except this time she arched her back off the mattress.  "Are you okay?" I asked.  She gave me quick glance and nodded.  "Should I keep going?"  She nodded again.

It must have been a good ten minutes of eating her out and finger-******* her but when that time came she squeezed my head between her legs really, really hard.  It surprised me and her legs squeezed my head so hard that I couldn't keep my fingers in her *****.  I could only suck and lick her ****.  But that was enough to take her over the edge.  She must have kept that headlock on me for a good minute while she came.  She wasn't a squirter but later I noticed that the bedsheets had gotten quite wet in that one spot.  As she was working herself to her ****** my **** had worked itself to a pretty hard erection and I realized I had some precum on the head of my **** as well.

She extended her arms toward me and gave me a passionate kiss.  I stroked my **** against her **** which made her gasp a little (probably from still being sensitive) and I entered her *****.  I always knew when she was going to come because she needed to squeeze her legs.  I felt her legs around my waist and she started to squeeze me.  She came a little before me but I didn't take too long myself and had a satisfying cream pie finish.

She had had a very strict religious upbringing which made giving or receiving oral sex difficult for her.  I don't mind so much not getting head but I really like going down on women.  She let me perform oral sex on her regularly and it got to the point where sometimes it wouldn't take very long for her to have an ****** with just my tongue on her ****.  But after about a year the religious voice in her head took over and she didn't want oral sex anymore.  (Well, I think she wanted it but she was trying to suppress her urges.)  We were in our twenties and she was a runner and a swimmer so whenever she would squeeze her legs around me - my head, my body - it sometimes got pretty intense.  One headlock in particular got pretty scary; I never thought a 5' 2" woman could make you feel like she could crush your head with her thighs.  But bringing her to ****** was worth every moment!  She eventually married a guy and had two kids and I've always wondered if she let her husband go down on her.

One of my favorite positions is to kneel in front of woman with her standing in front of me.  I would pull down her pants and panties or just her panties if she was wearing a skirt or a dress.  I like having  her grab my hair and I dare for them to remain standing as they have their ******.  (I have a story about that I'll write another time.)

That was thirty years ago but to this day I love going down on women.

Have a nice day.

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Good story, I love the taste of my wife's *****. Thanks for sharing.