After Dinner Surprise

I lived in a fourplex.  My next door neighbor, J, had a good friend named L.  Both J and L were attractive women in their late twenties but I took a fancy to L.  J had tried a couple times to sleep with me to no avail (and I'll write about that in another story) but we remained good neighbors and occasionally had dinner in each other's apartment.  I met L soon after I moved in and one late summer weekend the three of us had a barbecue.  The more I got to know L a voice in the back of my head told me she really wasn't my type.  But being in my twenties I just couldn't ignore her physical attributes.  She was medium height, shoulder-length auburn hair.  Just enough make up to highlight her features.  She liked to wear dresses and skirts more than jeans.  And she had an infectious smile and liked to laugh a lot.  She had a way of looking at you when she talked to you that made you think you were the most important person to her.  And she had a way of placing her hand on your arm, shoulder or back when she wanted to make a point.  We started to go out on dates.  I took her to a Bill Evans concert.

One fall evening I took her to a very nice restaurant for dinner.  It was a relaxed date.  No tension.  Easy conversation.  I wasn't expecting anything at the end of the evening.  As a matter of fact I remember we went out on a Thursday evening and I was feeling tense about a presentation at work the following day.  But we made small talk and I had a really good time.  I think L did too.

L lived in a large complex so I walked her from the car to her apartment.  No expectations, just wanted to ensure that she got home safe and sound.  We entered the apartment and just as I was closing the door L's phone rang.      It was J calling to see how our date had gone.  

"We had a very good time," L said as she turned and looked at me.  "Uh, huh"  She gave me a smile.  "Yes, he's here.  We just got home."  L was standing next to the kitchen and I was just a couple feet from her door.  It gave me a chance to look at L and admire her without feeling like a weirdo since she was there on the phone talking to J.  She was wearing a dark blue dress, a sleeveless number with a zipper in the back you see in movies where the woman is always asking for someone's help with.  She had a jacket over it and I moved over to L to help her take it off.  She switched the handset from one hand to the other as I slipped the jacket sleeves from her arms.  I hung it in the small closet by the front door.  Now I could see the pearl necklace she had worn.  Her hair seemed perfect as was her makeup.  She had heels, not obscenely high, which made her look extra sexy.  She was still talking to J.

"We went to X.  Yes.  It was great.  He had a small steak."  I pointed to the door with one hand and with the other gave a small wave, to say I should go.  L shook her head then rolled her eyes upward wanting the call to end.  I knew J was a good friend of hers and L couldn't hang up on her, even if to talk about boring details about what we ate or the small talk we had during dinner.  Just staring at L didn't seem sufficient.  Looking back, the phrase "The Devil finds mischief for idle hands" was totally apropos because I honestly don't know how I got the idea.  I wasn't feeling particularly horny at that moment so maybe the Devil really did make me do it.

I walked over to L and gave her a light kiss on her cheek.  She gave me a surprised look but didn't make any moves to push me away or discourage me.  I felt bolder so I began to plan small kisses on her neck and I think I even felt her relax a little and lean in to me.  I stood behind her and put my hands on her hips and the kisses moved to her shoulders.

"And then we came home," L said to J.  All this time I could only infer what J was saying from what L said to her.

"I don't know."  L looked at me.  "But he's kissing me right now."

I looked at L.  We both smiled at each other.  Okay, let's see how much she'll tell J about what we're doing.  I moved my hands upward and cupped her breasts through the dress.  I squeezed them gently.

"No, my breasts now," L said.  I tried to rub her nipples through her dress and bra but I'm not sure if that felt good to L.

I knelt down in front of L, her gaze following my move.  I stroked the back of her calves with my hands.  The stockings felt good.  She lifted one foot thinking I wanted to take off her shoes but I gently put it back down.  I looked up at her and even though she had no idea what I was about to do gave me a nod as if to say, "continue."

"My legs now," L said to J.  "Just stroking them.  Stockings."  I moved my hands up her legs, under her dress.  I realized she was wearing stockings held up by garters.  I pulled them and snapped them gently against the back of her thighs.  I smiled at her in approval and she smiled back.  Even better, I felt her panties and realized she had put them on over her garters.  I put my fingers inside the waist of her panties and slowly pulled them down.  

"Panties.  Off.  Uh huh."  She lifted one foot but when she lifted the other foot I put it back down and left the panties draped on her other foot.

I looked up at her again and she arched her eyebrows in a "what's next?" look.  I put a couple of fingers in my mouth and slowly moved them in and out a few times.  Her eyes grew big.  "Wetting his fingers," she told J.  I put my hand back underneath her dress.  I felt her bush, soft and fuzzy, and used my other hand to part her lips, gently.  "Parting my lips," she said.  Then she laughed and said, "No, not those."  I put my two fingers in her ***** and just as I entered her she gave a small gasp.  "Uh huh," she told J.  "Oh yeah."  I began stroking my fingers in and out of her *****.  She took a couple of steps sideways and I looked up.  "Keep going?" I asked softly.  She nodded.  "Fingers," she told J.

"A little faster," L told me.  I put three fingers in her ***** and began moving them in and out a bit faster.  Her ***** started to get very wet.  With her free hand she grabbed my hair to steady herself.

I had worn a tie and jacket so I had to stop for a moment to remove them.  I was getting a little warm myself.  I threw both of them on the floor, and resumed finger-******* L.

"Yes, he's got his fingers in my *****," said L.  "Whaddaya think?  Of course it feels good."  That made me smile.

L's dress was just tight enough that I couldn't put my head underneath it and eat her ***** so I pushed it up with my free hand.  I parted her lips and then planted a kiss on her **** which seemed to be standing at attention.

"Oh, gawd," L said.  "You're not gonna believe this.  He's going to eat me.  Right here."

I sucked on her **** gently and she drew in her breath.  Her breathing became heavy.  I looked up and saw her tongue wet her lips.  She was looking through me more than at me.  I started to lick on her **** in earnest.  I licked it up and down.  I licked it in a circular motion.  A woman once told me how she liked having my fingers rub and press the front wall of her vagina so I started doing that to L.  By this time her ***** juices were flowing down onto my hand.  I took my fingers out of her ***** and held it to her mouth.  She eagerly took the fingers and licked them.

"I'm licking his fingers.  The ones he just took out of my *****," she told J.  

I put the fingers back in her *****.  My lips and tongue worked her ****.  I really started working on L, both hands busy pleasuring her.  The hand working on her ***** was completely coated with her ***** juices.

"Okay.  Okay.  Good.  Okay.  I'm gonna come," L said.  "I'm gonna come.  Is that okay?  Ahh.  Ahhh."  I could tell she was biting her lip so as not to scream.  But she was making all sorts of noises and when she came she dropped the phone so she could use both her hands to grab the hair on my head.  Her body shook and she leaned hard against me but her knees didn't buckle and she didn't fall down.  I remember trying to lick her **** some more but she said, "No, no.  It's too sensitive.  Stop."  After what seemed like eons but probably just ten seconds I felt her tapping my head and she motioned for the phone.

"Okay," she said.  "I came."  A pause.  "That's a dumb question."  Another pause.  "No, he's mine."  She looked at me and grinned.  "I don't know.  I gotta go."  She broke away from me and took a couple steps to hang up the phone.  She put both elbows on the counter to steady herself.  She reached down with one hand to remove the panties that had been around her ankle.  I reached for my coat and tie and stood up.  L gave me a big hug and we held each other for a moment.  Then she looked at me with those expressive brown eyes and gave me a kiss.  "Do you want to stay?" she asked.

I don't know why but I said, "No, thanks.  Maybe another night."  

L shook her head and said, "You're so unselfish."  Somehow that made me feel good.  "Here," she said reaching for my hand that was completely wet with her juices.  "I think you need to dry that hand."  She wiped my hand with her panties.  We kissed again and I left her apartment.

My presentation at work the next day went well but the entire day I kept picturing the image of L standing in her apartment in that dress, stockings and heels with her panties around her ankle.

Funny thing is that L and I continued to see each other and go on dates after that night but we never slept together.  Several years later she got married and had a daughter then got divorced.  All this happened not quite thirty years ago.  I ran into her at a restaurant about ten years ago.  It was even more bizarre because I wasn't living in the same city anymore; I was just in town visiting for a week.  She had seen me across the room and came over to our table.  She was with other people and I was with friends.  We chatted for a few minutes but  I didn't ask for her number and she didn't ask for mine.  She still looked great, though.  Last I heard she remarried.

Of course, because it happened so long ago I don't recall the exact things she said to J that night .  But I do remember a big chunk of it.  The one thing that stands out for me is her asking me if it was okay to come.  That seemed strange to me at the time but it's happened with different women since then.

Good times.
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May 17, 2012