Can't Get Enough Of It!

It happened 30 years ago. An in office affair with a woman a 15 years older than me. I was 20 at the time. Harmless flirting lead to a full blown sexual relationship. Having had a few women before her, I thought I was king ****!!!!!! She quickly brought me down to earth.

When it happened, I was told that if I wanted to be a superior lover, I had to learn to eat ***** like a champion!!! She took me under her wing, and we both learned a few things! Her lessons became more frequent, and I soon was summoned into my bosses office and told I was on loan to her department for 6 weeks. I thought it was HER BOSS that was asking for help, as I was a quick study in the office, and could multi task like few my age. Well, I quickly found out that I was to be her assistant, and I would report to her each day, my hours to be determined by her. The first morning was ALL business, which I was cool with, as we had agreed that our trist would be off site only. No one had a clue. I got to work and found myself immersed in my work, and truly enjoying the new challenge. I looked up and it was getting dark outside. I stood and strtched out the kinks and went to Monica's office to say goodnite. I knocked, she looked up and smiled at me like I was a **** toy. I said goodnite, and she asked if I wanted to help with a SPECIAL project. I said sure, and said I'd see her in the morning. She looked at me and said, "THIS SPECIAL PROJECT BEGINS TONITE!" YOU'LL BE PAID THE O.T., and, the hours are generous. I told her I was going to the mens room and would be right back. When I got back to her office I walked in, she shut the door, shut her blinds, turned off the lights and sat at her desk. I was cluless, and asked what was going on. She leaned back in her chair, and spread her legs wide and over the arms of her desk chair. I was floored!!!!! "In a really husky tone, she says, "THIS ***** IS YOUR SPECIAL PROJECT YOUNG MAN!!!" I was instructed to get under her desk and show her what I had learned. I got down under that desk and she rolled that chair forward, put those legs down, and i was face to face with her shaven sweet *****! I began to eat her like a man on fire. She was a cool customer though. She called her husband while I was eating that beautiful bald **** of hers, and when I looked up, her eyes were closed, and she was answering her husband in short quick answers. The phone call ended, and she wrapped her nylon encased legs arond my head and pulled me in harder. I ate that *****, sucked those ***** lips, rimmed her and fingered her to 3 earth shaking *******! The 3rd one made her squirt. Being naive about it, I thought she was peeing and backed up. She laughed and brought me out from under her desk and kissed me like Ive never been kissed since. She taught me all about squirting, and I did everything in my power to make her squirt each and every time! She confided in me that she had never had a man make her squirt from oral sex, and I was hooked!!!! So was she!

The strange thing about it was, I was hard as steel, but wanted to eat her constantly. She kept me hard, day in and day out. She wore short skirts, heels and stockings, which she constantly made sure I got a look at EVERY DAY! By the end of every day, I was eating that magnificent ***** under that desk, on that desk, on the floor, in the copy room, I even ate her on her bosses desk which turned her on more than life itself.

After it ended, we stayed friends, and I would tune her up every once in awhile, but my hunt was on, and I became a ***** eating hound!!! She became very jealous, and got me fired, when she found out I was doing her boss, who was close to 50. I was hooked!!!

Over the years, I've had my share of lovers, and they all have wanted me to eat them over penetration sex after I go down on them. I have made women squirt who never knew it was possible, or even what it was, and I LOVE IT!!! Even now, at age 52, I still hunt, but my hunts have been slowed as I now care for my elderly father, but trust me, If I'm asked, I'll eat a ***** in a heartbeat, and if she doesnt want penetration, Im ok with that too! I get locked in a hot 69 and I'm all good. There's no 68's in my repetoire..LOL. So to this day, I look for the ***** to eat, and I'll look till my tongue stops working. I'm horny for it now, as I want to taste a woman's cream, and feel that first squirt hit my mouth!
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Jan 11, 2013