Where My Face Belongs

My loving and beatiful wife calls the shots in our lovemaking, she sat me down and told me to share. Night time kisses are strictly between her legs! I love going down on her and licking her to a fantastic, body shaking ******. I start with my tongue gently between her lips, sucking, kissing, probing. her scent and nectar fill my senses.  It is so good, particularly when she is wet and fragrant. I know it makes her feel soo good too!!  Our love life is perfect because it is strictly her way for her pleasure all the time. My face belongs between her legs. After I get her lips hot and wet I gently spread them apart with my fingers and start working her **** with my tongue. I pulse my fingers rhythmically as my tongue dances with her love button, soon she has grabbed the back of my head, grinding herself into me as I push my tongue as deep as I can into her warm wet depths. I am a good little ***** licker and she has the best licked "two lips" in town!!

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3 Responses Feb 12, 2010

great story

wow lucky man, i hope i find a wife like that :D

oh you lucky lucky man tell us more about what happens latter