Eating Out

I love oral on a female,  it's amazing!  The first time I was unsure on what to do,  like every young man I didn't know where the ****' was.  Well more mature and experienced I love it!

The first thing I do to my wife is kiss then play with her errect nipples,  this always makes her wet!  I slip a finger down between her legs to tease them open,  I slowly part them to expose the lovely ****.  Then I lower my head between them,  my wife is always clean shaven.  I part her labia with a flick of the tongue,  then move rythmically up and down till the **** is erect and available to tongue.  I then alter the motion to up, down, left and right.  The taste of her love juice is great.  After a couple of minutes she moves her hips in time with my licking!  It takes about 10 minutes for her breathing to race and legs to move spasmatically,  I know she's going to ***.  She normally screams when she ***'s and I lick faster.


After she's *** I insert my circumcised 6" **** and **** her,  she ***'s again.  Some times I *** inside her other times I withdraw and shoot over her.  It hit's her **** and I rub it in.  Then she sucks me off!

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Mar 16, 2010