It's Relaxing

Yes, it is very relaxing to go driving as my real self. I never dress in anything provocative or too revealing. Just to be dressed as the womwn I feel myself to be and quietly go about my business is a very serene experience for me.

However, I always make sure that everything about the car is legal, and that I carry my drivers license. And always observe the rules of the road to the letter of the law. The last thing anyone like me needs is to be pulled over by a traffic cop. While I would have no problem explaining to a cop that I am physically male in the early stages of transition, and I am doing nothing illegal by being dressed as a woman, (I even carry a copy of a letter from my therapist to my GP approving me for HRT), one never knows what kind of prejudices a cop may have, and while he can legally do nothing about the fact that I am presenting as a woman, he could really go through absolutely everything about the car etc. to find some pretext of giving giving me a hard time, simply because he may not like transgender people.

This may sound like I am afraid to admit to what I really am. On the contrary, I have accepted completely that I am transgender, and i am looking forward to the day when I will be living completely as AnneMarie, but I owe it to other people like myself to not draw attention to myself. We get enough adverse publicity as it is.

So I would say to anyone in this experience group; 'Enjoy your drive dressed up, but be careful out there'.
RoseViolet RoseViolet
46-50, F
Aug 14, 2010