Went Shopping As A Girl Then Out For A Drive

I woke up yesterday knowing I'd be going out as Lisa. I had the most awesome dreams the night before, because it always excites me knowing that ill be a girl in the morning!

First, I took a warm scented bath so that my body would smell so girly (everywhere, if you know what I mean). I shaved in all the right places, keeping things smooth and soft. I them dried off and laid out my things.

I felt like wearing my corsete because I absolutely love the hour glass figure it gives me, and it looks so sexy. I've been ****** while wearing it, and I'm told its so hot to see me in it! I them put on some sheer black pantyhose my black pumps, and then I slid into a pretty blue pencil skirt (pencil skirts are so sexy!). I topped off with a pretty blue sweater blouse that hugged my **** very nice. Makeup, eyeliner, lipstick, wig and out the door!

I've gotten pretty brave, where I'll look to see if the coast is clear so the neighbors don't see me. If they did, they'd probably think it was my wife because we have a similar body shape and dress the same (I hope).

I went to the Kmart in diamond bar, and walked toward the front doors. I passed several women and men and none appeared to be the wiser. I was even approached by a homeless guy who called me ma'am and offered to clean my car windows. In my best girl voice I politely told him no thank you. I grabbed a cart and in the store I went!

I browsed the women's section, holding up tops and skirts and skirts against my body (something I could never do while dressed like a man). I held lingerie and bras against me, and caught a couple if guys checking me out, but they didn't appear to make me. I really think they they thought they were checking out a chick! I felt like my **** was going to pop out of its tuck at any point. I was so excited as it rubbed between my legs when I walked the aisles! I looked at panties, shoes and lingerie, acting like a woman in everyway possible. I passed men and women and never got the idea that they made me. I walked through the stored moving my hips and shaking my girly *** all the way. After about 45 min, I decided to leave.

I was hoping one of my male friends would be available and sneak away from work, because I had the need to suck a hard **** and/or be ****** good! None could get away, till later and I had to be home by 1PM. I was so dissappointed! So I drove around and just enjoyed myself being a woman.

Before going home, I stopped at an ABS and went in. That was so fricken cool in there. Men everywhere, checking me out as I held up lingerie and browsed the ***** section! It was so fun! Whether they knew I was a girl or TV, I didn't care and neither did they!

I have to say it was a great day. I've crossed into a new world and there's no going back!


Lisagurlll Lisagurlll
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2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

I'd love to find you dressed like that in a parking lot in a car that you couldn't start.

great story babe.