Driving While Dressed Up Is The Best!

Nothing is better than to dress up in a short skirt, sweater, nylons and pumps and go out for a drive.  Completing the outfit is a shoulder length brunette wig, dangly earings, a cute necklace, purse, and having makeup done to perfection.  The best outings include stopping for gas, ATM stop for money and even a stop for some wine!

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Have fun.!!!

try having trouble getting your car started wearing one of those short skirts.the attention you will get from the guys will be amazing.

So SExy!!!

I have tried it. I was nervous but excited. I was afraid if i might get any trouble but I found that was what I was waiting

Thank you for sharing your experience, still only dream about it but maybe one day

Denise I admire your confidence. That sounds like something wonderful to do, especially if a friend like you was around to do it together with. Jessica's circumstances don't allow it for now, but I hope to some day.

Like nik2772, I too like to tease the truckers. I like to get their attention by driving along the Interstate with my nylon clad leg and high heels up on the dash so that as I pass them on their left, they can look down and see up to my panties. I then bend down and to my right to look up to see if they are looking at me. On many occasions they were. Some are obviously pissed of about it but most have been obviously aroused by it. On one occasion a particularly nice looking one pumped his fist in the ******** sign. That really got me excited so I pulled over into the right lane and stayed there until I came to a rest stop and gave the right turn signal far in advance. I can't tell you how fast my heart raced when I saw him signal for the turn also. I parked in a slot next to where the trucks had to park and just waited for him to come to my car which, of course, he did. He was very gentle and much impressed with my feminine apearnce although he knew. His excitement was obvious as was mine and after a brief chat he invited me to visit his nice roomy sleeping quarters in his truck. Enough for now. I know many of you gurls know what happened next. For those who would like more details, email me.

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Thanks for your comments. It is such a rush to be out dressed! And driving with pumps adds to the excitement!

I feel the same as nik you feel so good when men look you up and down whe getting out the car

I couldn't agree with you more Denise. There is something about the feeling that is exciting and freeing. Aside from stopping for gas, the ATM, or walking the outdoor mall I also enjoy flirting with the occasional trucker and maybe showing him a little leg. I feel so feminine and beautiful when I'm out and I know people are looking at me. It makes my heart beat a little quicker and gives me a feeling of excitement like a little kid at Christmas. Amazing!