Dressed In Fem While Driving

The first time i went driving in fem I was out shopping at the local mall and brought some new heels and skirt.....i wear panties and stockings 24/7 so all iI had to do was go out in the parking lot and change my jeans for the skirt and sneakers for my new heels. The drive home was so thrilling that I decided to take the long way...I know that the lady at the toll booth had to notice that i was wearing a very short skirt as she smiled as I paid the toll....my skirt was just high enough that my privates were not showing and iPassed the truckers very slowing hopping they would catch a view.Once home I went out to the road to get my mail and was seen by 2 girls that passed by in a car ..I have gone out many times since that first time and still enjoy the ride.

jamie2cd jamie2cd
56-60, M
5 Responses Mar 15, 2010

I agree , tight jeans and low cut sweater (:

Bonnie i have only been with other transvestites so far, everyone i have been with knows what to expect......i must say i love your pantie lines...so sexy

Jamie, you are so gorgeous. Any male will chase you for a piece of you. Smiles and Giggles. I bet men often take you as a real woman. But when surprised still not disappointed. Right?

i agree with the high heels and it does give the fem strut that i so adore

More power to you sweetie. I wish I could see some male in fem clothing in real life.. I can only imagine how you would look in jeans or skirt in high heels. Hi heels is what give a CD a feminine strut.