Naked Cliff Jumping

This happened to me when I was in college, but I still find it arousing to this day. I had always enjoyed being nude at home and had occasionally been seen by neighbors and friends as you can see in some of my other stories. This was the first time I was nude in front of a large crowd.
Most summer weekends, me and several friends would go tubing on a local river that was frequented by hundreds of people rafting, kayaking and tubing. About half-way through the two hour trip was a large cliff where people would gather to watch clothed and unclothed people jump off the 40 foot high cliff.
On this particular day, we reached the cliff area and pulled in with the hundreds of others to watch the proceedings. After watching for 15 or 20 minutes, the alcohol started talking and I found myself on the cliff side of the river climbing up the cliff. When I got to the top, there was a group of 5 or 6 guys standing around like they were afraid to jump. One of them said something about a big group jumping naked and everyone agreed. The plan was to go to the edge of the cliff with our suits on, turn around and moon the crowd, before totally removing the suits and jumping off.
Everyone was pretty drunk and the six of us executed our routine and jumped off the cliff with nothing but our birthday suits to the loud appluase and whistles from the crowd. After I swam back to my tube and put my suit back on, I looked up to see four ladies on the cliff preparing to jump. The were imitating our move by facing away from the river while they removed their tops, then mooning the crowd before turning around and removing their bottoms and then jumping. The crowd went wild in appreciation for the show.
As luck would have it, I was sitting in my tube right next to the raft that two of the ladies had come out of. A few seconds after they jumped, I had one naked lady holding on to my tube while she tried to figure out how to get her suit back on. She asked me to hold her bikini while she tried to steady herself along the rocky bottom of the river. She was about 5'8" and had a very nice figure with a gorgeous set of breasts and a nice light brown patch of hair between her legs.
I told her how much I enjoyed their jump, but the least they could have done was a more original routine as they had just copied ours. Well, she took that as a challenge and said, "well then, why don't you and I jump and give people something different to cheer about?" I was a little stunned at first, but told her that was a great idea. I asked if she was going to get her suit back on before we climbed up to the top of the cliff. She informed me that would be the difference in the routine, because we were going to climb up the cliff together naked and then jump off.
At first I was taken aback by this scenario as people had only been jumping nude and not climbing the cliff in the buff too, but I agreed and hopped out of the tube into the water next to where she was. Before I knew it, she had pulled my suit down to my knees underwater and had fallen sideways against me so that her hip was pressed up against my ****. Had it not been for the cold water, I am sure I would have gotten an immediate hard-on.
I got my suit off the rest of the way and she indicated we should climb out of the water and start making our way up to the cliff. I insisted that she go first and as soon as we both came out of the water the cheers and whistles began on both sides of the river. It was not a real difficult climb, but there were a few spots that you had to be careful to step in the right place and pull yourself up. Plus, we each had our suits in one hand, which did not help. I was eternally glad I had made her go first as I had an excellent view of her *** and ***** from behind and below at various points in the climb.
Once we made it to the top, the crowd literally went wild with applause and whistles. She looked at me and said we need to do something memorable as we stepped up toward the edge. Before I could say anything back to her, she leaned over and put a lip-lock on me opening my lips with her tongue. A moment later I felt her hand groping my ****, which really made the crowd crazy. I quickly reached out and touched her ***** lips while we continued to make-out. After a few seconds, she lunged forward off the cliff with me right behind her. I remember her letting go of my **** and seeing her fine naked body a few feet ahead of me as we hit the water.
After we hit the cold water, we swam back over to where her raft and my tube were. All of her and my friends were cheering for us. As we tried to steady ourselves in the water, she motioned that we should hug each other naked, which I enjoyed immensely and she seemed to as well. Her naked body felt wonderful against me.
I got my suit on pretty quickly and helped her get her bikini bottoms back on while she worked on the top. I told her I did not even know her name and she told me it was Toni. I asked her for her number, which she gave me, but I had no pen or paper to write it down. In my alcohol-dulled state, I totally forgot the number within a few minutes of leaving the cliffs. Damn...something I still regret to this day.
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I was pissed off the for the longest time about not remembering that number. A friend of mine, who was along that day, still teases me unmercifully about it.