Fetish Party

Another adventure with the unique Byron.
Well he had me as Titania for an evening.
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Later that year Byron announced he was going to a fetish party. He always announces things. And I was to go with him as his pet. I always agree to Byron, there is no use in arguing.
He would arrange costumes. I always get exited with Byron deciding outfits.
The day of the party Byron arrived, he removed his long black cape, revealing to my surprise, a plain black costume. All very un-Byron. I was disappointed until he produced a large box wrapped in black paper. He gave it to me. I eagerly unwrapped it. I laughed when I saw what was inside. A shiny black collar and a lead.
"Is this it?" I asked him grinning.
He nodded. I simply put the collar on for I was already naked and went was led to his car. I had lie down on the back seat to avoid being seen.
The party was fun. There was a lot of flesh on show but I was glad to discover I was the only one totally naked (apart from my collar). We had fun and played the part with me being led round by him as my pretend master. I was very obedient and my master even let some of the guest fondle me. All very enjoyable indeed. 
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3 Responses May 8, 2012

Wish my girlfriend would do this.

He is fortunate to have you in his life.

A man's best friend... :D