Water Park Nudity

I was only 13 going naked in public, getting bored with night walks. No body seeing me at all. I decided to try daytime but where to go? A giant water park was walking distance from home. I walked up there many times at night but dare not try to sneek in like i did with hotel pools. So i went with a summer pass all summer. Daring little "oops shorts came down" tricks got little attention. So the water slide was good at whipping my swimsuit clean off . I tried it several times but kept putting it back on before getting out of the landing pool. Finally no lifeguard. I took my suit off way before the landing and enjoyed nude body slide. At the landing pool i almost panicked. Suit was gone! Not in the landing pool with me. I had no choice. Knowing I'd get caught i would just say it got lost before i knew it was gone....didnt know i was naked. With that i walked up the steps and into full frontal view of two girls they acted like they didnt see me then they giggled excitedly at each other. They had on see through swimsuits that were super see through when wet. That got me hard but i had to keep moving. back to the top of the long line of people.over30minutes in line people actually were concealing my nudity as long as they could. They actually enjoyed me being naked with them and showing no concern about it. The staff finally caught me after i went down the slide and walked through the crowded snak area. I still looked 8 or 9so they found my suit and told me to be carefull not to loose it let me continue on.
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I have to say I admire your courage. I have no problem being nude in front of art class or at a nude/clothing-optional beach/resort because it is legally allowed/expected. I don't think I could ever be nude alone in public, unless I was participating in some kind of nude rally (e.g. Fremont Solstice bike parade).

i was under age when i did alot of really bold stuff like this. I started really young taking walks late at night. I always snuck out naked and took off. I hid from cars and people that i saw. I started stripping off naked on the bus after school. I was almost last off and its hot on that bus so i got all the windows down and got naked in the very back seat. I sometimes *********** back there. I forgot how easy i was to see thru that back door window until i watched these people in the car behind the bus watching the me