I Love to Go Nude In Public

to me, it is a great thrill to take off all my clothes, and step out of the car, just wearing shoes. the feel of a breeze on my skin, the sun warming me all over, is just great! then to walk down a road, or sidewalk, while nude, is very exciting! when there are other people around it is the best!

it is so exciting to walk nude along a sidewalk with people around, with my breasts bouncing with every step, and have all the men stare at my body! I know they like it because I can see the tents they make in their pants! it's funny, no one ever complains, the men just want to look at me, at my ****, ***** and ***. a couple times, I have stopped in front of an older guy, with the pretext of looking in a window, this allows him to get close to me, then I reach back and rub his crotch! at that point, twice, the guy pulled out his thing and wanted to put it in me! the first time it shocked me, and I pulled away, and started walking. the second time, he was really cute, and I couldn't resist, I leaned foreward to look at something in the window, and let him in me! he stood there and jerked in me for a good five minutes, before squirting! by that time, there was a few people around watching!!!!

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Again, WOW!

woooow you are much like me, I love to go naked on the streets to, love to stroke my **** for people. If I had met you I had ****** you right there on the street. I get so hard reading your stories.

Wow. I wanna walk naked in public with you. I'm small and cute and naked and I wanna have sex in public in front of everyone walking by. Do you like me to *** on you or inside you? Or should I come on our onlookers. You make public nudity fun.

you are brave to walk in public naked. i am glad no one called the cops on you. i love being naked in public as well. you should try it at night.

i wish i were in your town. i would love to see a nude woman walking down the street. maybe you would just stop and talk to me. that would make my day.

have you ever heard of the naked city in france. Cape d"age. you can go anywhere in this city naked as the entrie city is clothing optional

I love being naked too. I have only tried it outside at a nude beach and at nudist resorts.

I love being nude too.. Be nude in the house.. this story inspires me to go out in public

<b>you should try it <i>barefoot</i> too!</b><br />
i am always barefoot. and naked when i can be, so i never would be going around wearing only footwear.

One day, I will need to join you for one of these nude walks. So much fun. And even more fun with a friend.

Wow! What a hot, sexy fantasy story! Thank you for sharing it!

Should I say I'd love to take his place? Who wouldn't! My tongue is so hard I can't talk!<br />
<br />
You're a lovely, loving lady. Good for you. Was it good for you? ;-)<br />
<br />

in Canada it is legal to walk in public topless. during a gay pride parade in Toronto, they arrested some "guys" who were naked, except for runners. the judge said the runners were enough clothing and let them go!!!!!!

What's stopping you chocjoe? There is one between Tuls and Ok City. Here is the addy for their site:<br />
<br />

Where do you live that it is not illegal to walk the streets nude?

I was that man whom you allowed to shag you from behind.I love to f*** in the public and move naked.

I always grab billy clubs, a girl never knows when she will need one

I personally have never had police show up to bother me. since it is not a crime here, I think the most they will do is give you a ticket for something or other.

hi well i love this story i all ways wanted to go to a nudist camp but never have but im not dead yet chocjoe

Have you ever had the cops show up and had to get out quick?

oh my! I am assuming you are a male, and I can just imagine how it swings and bounces as you run, oh my!!!!<br />
mybe I could hold it still for you haha

I love going nude and we run nude a long a old sea front this year

this is a fantasy for now

where and when I do it is always secret