Nude At Noon

I have quite literally walked down the middle of the street completely nude at high noon. And wouldn't you know it, people are so busy with their cell phones and driving and everything else that they didn't even notice me! I still got a thrill out of it, though.

hardboyfll hardboyfll
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3 Responses Jul 20, 2009

I would like to know which city you did that in, as that sounds rather improbable, especially if it took place in the u.s.

I completely understand that feeling, especially when you are thinking all eyes are going to be on you just as soon as you step out into the general public and while there is the slight relief that while you're not being confronted by someone's personal inability to cope with public nudity there is the letdown that comes from not being noticed at all.

I totally relate to that lol. I've been completely naked in public places like carwashes, parking lots, etc..and nobody noticed. Once a woman drove right past me and didn't even turn her head lol. I think many people are just involved in their own worlds.