First Time Nude In Public

The first time that I got completely nude in public was the biggest adrenline rush ever! I was on vacation with my family in Destin, Fl i was 12 at the time and we were staying in a condo right on the gulf, both of my parents were on the beach and i was in the condo playing my nintendo 64 (haha) and was watching all the people walk by outside our condo on the boardwalk and i got the idea to open the blinds all the way and get naked and wait til a woman would come up the walkway and then i would walk up to the sliding door and open it and act like i was putting up my bathing suit to dry on the rail on the patio and then i would act surprised if i notcied the women looking at me! I did that probably abt 30 times that week! And thats how it all started with my nudist ways!

247thonger 247thonger 22-25, M Dec 24, 2009

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