Just Love The Sensuality Of It

Feeling the air against your skin, the effects of the moonlight. If you have not tried walking outside at night in the nude, I would tell anyone to try it out. It is a feeing you can not recreate in any other way.
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It is lovely

I am in my 50s and have been walking streets at night naked since I was a little boy. I don't want to be 'caught' or seen - I just love the freedom and the excitement. I have walked several miles away from my house and have never been caught - I find 2 am Sunday nights the best. Mostly because people are going to bed to get ready for work so are less lkely to be 'out and about'..

I can't agree with you more. Last summer I started taking night walks in the nude around my yard and then finally down the road. I know walk to a nice park, clothed, that is 5 minutes away on a large lake and will ***** there and walk around. I have come across a couple of skinny dippers while taking my walks. I will then walk home wearing just my tee shirt and nothing else. The nice breezes off the lake and the moon light is a very sensuous feeling. I highly recommend it to others to at least give it a try. The park walks I do around 9:30, twilight, and the walks around the yard and road later at night around 1:30 AM.

Being outside nude whether it is night or day is such a sansuous feeling.

I love this story and have done a spectaculer nude walk only last week while camping. <br />
Check it out on my stories.

Agreed. I love to walk out to the front yard and driveway at night, totally naked. I often put the car away in the garage, naked. No-one ever looks out to see if anything is happening, from other houses, they are all too busy with their own lives. I also love to relax naked on the porch for hours at night, during Summer. Sometimes I have to duck or squat if a car suddenly turns its lights in my direction, but that's pretty rare. <br />
I used to collect the morning paper naked, about 6:00 AM, but it got too risky when a new neighbour moved in and he was also up early. One morning I had to duck down behind the car when he suddenly walked out and spotted me, and I had to wait for him to leave. <br />
When I had a girl for a neighbour, it was good. She enjoyed getting occasional flashes from me, but she often got embarrassed, too, and would duck inside if she realised I knew she was looking. I can recall one night I walked out to the mailbox naked, and she was watering the plants on her porch. She couldn't believe her eyes, and took twice as long as usual to water the plants - LOL

You are soooo right girl. Take the clothes off and enjoy the sun or the moon. Who really cares if your naked. Just enjoy it. Where might you be from?

I just walked out on the deck last night right before bed. I was naked and it felt great! Just stood there and let the air hit me! It was great!