Many Time, Many Ways

I have been outside nude at night many times, and n many different situations. On a dare, on hikes in the woods, skinny dipping, and even worked out in the nude at night while I was younger. Always a refreshing experience no matter what the circumstance.
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LOL Little sister never got her way. At different times older sister got in her window without pants on, with lingeire on, topless (she kept herself covered though), and once she came out in her pajama top with no pants on to talk to me. All that before we ever started dating.

You know I want more detail than that ! How much did she playfully show you ? Lil sister ever get her wish ? :P

Well, I ended up dating the older sister for awhile LOL. They talked to me from over the fence while I was naked, came over to my side once. The one I dated started playfully showing off from her window (never got totally naked, but would be in window partially clothed.) Younger sister once asked to touch me (older sister went off on her.) LOL

And how did that go ?

Yeah, the two girls that lived next to me caught me.

Let's start with the working out. :P

During the working out, or just anytime ?

Anybody ever see you ?

Yep, in my backyard.

Worked out huh ?