Naked At Night

We have something in common. On any given warm night you'll find me outside naked as can be. It feels so good to feel the cool gental air blowing across my naked body.  I really do wish there was a place to go and just run around naked and no one would say anything.
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7 Responses Jul 18, 2010

Last night I did that for the first time. It really was amazing and exhilarating! I agree with you about the last thing you said. I have woods behind my house though, and If I go far enough there is a HUGE long field of very green and beautiful grass that somebody owns. It is surrounded by some of the tallest trees I have ever seen around my area and I haven't seen anybody there yet so Im probably going to go run around naked there. Im excited for it!

I agree 100% with you.

I'm a male in Sydney and this years summer is not as good as in the past but as soon as it gets hot again I will be naked outdoors again. I often walk along a Sydney beach and only walk by the occasional fisherman or couple and in November 2009 as I was walking in the moonlight I happened to hear a few girls.<br />
It turned out to be some girls from the local school who were celebrating schoolies week.<br />
When they spotted me they all gathered round me and asked why I was naked. When I told them how I simply enjoyed being naked outdoors they seemed intrigued but very cool about it.<br />
I have since converted many women into the enjoyment of outdoor nudity. They all said how exhilerating it was.<br />
<br />
Its sexy..its an adrenalin rush and not to kill the excitement but it is also actually very good exercise. Has anyone outdone my nude walk from Sth Bondi to Coogee. Yes it was after 12 midnight but it was amazing. Love to share my experience with some women if you're looking for that next level of excitement. <br />
<br />
My next step is having sex in public and not worry about on lookers......join me anyone.<br />
Female of course

I love being outside at night naked. In MN we only have som many months during the year I can do this. I live along a 4 lane road that I love walking you riding my bike on late at night. I started doing this last year and and have done it again this year a few times. Now that the weather is warming up I hope to get out every night of the week. I love being naked outside. I know I have been seen by passing cars at times, since there are a few street lights and I can't always make it to cover before the cars come by, it actually adds to the excitement. Later in the summer the farm trucks are hauling corn all night long so I go out when they are on the roads. Last summer I actually was out almost all night on several occasions walking and riding my bike nude while these semis pass by, I have been seen numberous times by them, sometimes I even get a honk of the horn. There is a line of trees along part of the road where I can hide in if needed, but it's rare since it's after 1am when I am out and there is not much for cars then. I look forward to the farm trucks again this summer. I am going to walk right along the shoulder under the street lights this year when I hear the big trucks coming, they will for sure see my naked body then. I usually have a big hardon when I am out doing this too, I just hope those truckers love seeing my naked *** and **** in their headlights! I can't wait to get out and do more....

yes, there is a double standard on nudity. I think it may be because the cops, lawyers and judges are mostly male that they like to see nude females and think nude males are disgusting. I like the nude male body, always have, always will. After all, I was born with a nude male body and love it.

The other night I went out to lock the gate and I took my underwear off and casually walked out there naked. It was about 2 am though so nobody saw me. It felt great to just stroll out to the gate and back totally nude. I would do it all the time if I knew it wouldn't cause a problem.

Clothes should always be optional. If you want to be outside naked then be so it. A girl can now a days get away with out any problems but a guy can't. Whats up with that? It really isn't all that big of thing. The feeling of freedom from clothes is such a great feeling.