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After my first walk around the block at night naked I did it again but still hid from the 1 car that came down the street. I did get caught by a security light coming on as I walked past a house and was startled and stood for a second completely nude in the spotlight then ran like mad, no one came out and I wasn’t spotted. No other incidents to report but it was great fun for me. It is getting too cold at night here to walk naked at night so I thought I would jog naked in the mornings after the sun is up. My husband knew of a quiet track suitable for me where I won’t be seen, he has jogged there while crossdressed. I checked it out fully clothed. It has a smooth path and grassed areas on the side suitable for my bare feet. My husband came with me at my request as I was nervous doing it naked in the daylight. He wore my red short shorts and my very frilly white top. We must have looked a weird couple, but no one was about and we did a short jog without incident.
This wasn’t exciting enough for me with my husband so I went again the next day on my own. I was nervous and excited getting undressed in the car on my own. My hands were shaking and I had trouble unhooking my bra. Without Matthew to shield me I looked carefully around at the houses across the street from the bushland but no one was about. I left my purse in the car but carried the car keys and darted into the bush and down the bike track.
It was so exhilarating jogging on my own naked, the breeze in my face and not a care in the world.
I did about a 5K jog, good exercise as well as a fun time and no one saw me.
I was scared darting back to the car and I dressed as quickly as I could and just put my panties and skirt and top on, and left my bra off.
I had to carry my car keys in my hand while jogging naked, this may be against the rules Nudydude, but where else can a totally nude girl put her car keys?
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If it's a track you could lau them by the gate

I know what you mean about where you supposed put your keys. I have lost my keys on naked walks or hikes and had to spend lots longer out there naked than I expected . One time I was stuck all night from 6pm until about 9 the next morning at a "haunted campground". I managed to lose my keys, my clothes , everything. Being barefoot all night walking around made my feet hurt. There's lots of rocky spots on those trails and it was dark, I mean stupid dark out there. I got off the trails by mistake and would step on prickly stuff . At one point there were people out there with flashlights and beer wandering around and I found myself hiding on the ground by a dead log. It got kinda creepy out there. Sun came up finally and I found my way out of the woods to a two lane country highway. I had to walk naked along this road back to where I parked by the campground entrance. Then I found my way to my keys and clothes . I was glad to be rolling finally.

I would do it again too. I started out going on naked walks at night . I was always barefoot all the time so had pretty tough pads. Still enough pounding by rocks I am a little sore the next day. It\'s not bad though, my feet seem to bounce back quickly. I handle gravel roads, hot pavement and prickly weeds and grass just fine but rocks on pavement hurt. I do ok on broken glass even though I get a small piece stuck in the pad of my foot sometimes. It usually pulls right out or brushes away in the grass. It\'s took me going barefoot my whole life to be able to walk where I walk but it makes going naked so much better. I don\'t feel naked until I\'m barefoot too.

it must have been a real rush for you.i know how it feels being outside naked,your heart punding hard thinking theres a chance you might be seen.i agree with the others it's best to be barefoot,nothing on at all :)

u gotta be barefoot if ur gonna be nude u know?

I love that you go all the way and take your shoes off as well. Not many people willing to go barefoot these days.

totally agree with you.
Barefoot is fun and feels great.

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I didn't realize I commented on the same story twice, lol.

lol I have done that also.
Oh well it is still fun to jog naked and barefoot.

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Always wear trainers when nude walking or running, I nearly severed a toe when I trod on a broken bottle one time,It was very difficult explaining to my rescuers why I didn't have any cloths at 6 am in the morning and 3 miles from home.

lovely story. i used to walk around one of old neighborhoods naked. never thought about jogging. if i can find somewhere i cant be seen i might give it a try

I ran naked for the 1st time this morning. I went out for my morning jog before daylight, wearing my wife's thong and running shorts. I ran a little ways to where there were fewer houses, ******** naked, and ran a mile or so nude. It was really quite exhilarating - though there are cornfields nearby that I could dash into if required, it's an awesome feeling to be completely naked over a mile away from your house. I am sure I will do this again.

George: When I first took control of my husbands crossdressing I made him go jogging in my shorts and frilly tops, he was so scared but did it as he loved the crossdressing. I got the same scary exillerating feeling jogging naked. its nice to have somewhere to hide if required though. Jogging in daylight is too scary for me though, I will only do it at night in future

Hi Annette I am a nudist male straight from Sydney. Do you still practise nudism. I would love to know more about you. I don't know too many nudists around in syd

Good to see you chose to do your run barefoot. Many people neglect that detail and aren't really naked.

I agree with you. If you going to be naked, be totally naked.

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i slightly disagree about the barefoot thing. i dont think its enjoyable walking on rocks, broken glass, bugs, etc. even if you are wearing shoes you are still naked cause you are showing everything else. if i jog in public naked i will at least wear sandals

As many of my friends will tell you, I think that's even worse than sneakers/trainers. I absolutely *hate* sandals, and jogging in them would be horrible.

Great story, I really enjoyed you sharing your experience!!

Thank you Shavedman, have you got a naked walk or drive story to share?

Carrying car keys in your hand is not acceptable. Take the key off the ring, insert into a little plastic bag and insert bag into *** :) There you go, you'd certainly know if you lost it!


Yes I am very shy when naked in front of women. Especially if my clothes are miles away. You know that. hee hee

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Thats great Jhere and nudy; I like naked men to be shy and blushing.

Countryexperiences: It was a great experience but a little too scary for me, I think I'll do my naked walking at night in the summer in future. I have added you, I am interested in that clothes drop your friend did, please write a story on it with more detail about her naked walk.

sounds like it was a great run and nudydude I have heard of that clothes drop deal a friend of mine said she did it once but at night, also if you (nudydude) and annette could add me that would be awsome, hope you both keep having fun



Sounds good to me. Hope you share those stories too. You know I might be shy to be naked with your girlfriends.

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Sounds like you are more suited to CFNM Jhere. I would like to get your clothes off with a couple of girlfriends and see your shyness.

Nudydude it is winter here now and cold even in the mornings, no naked walking or jogging for me. I am looking forward to more naked frolicks next summer, it will be at night though.


I hope you are planning to do more naked adventures when the weather gets warmer there?

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Jhere: Your the one with the balls not me whats stopping you.

RonRyder: tch tch; that was a naughty comment.

I can't believe you found my comment out of line. Come on... You are running naked in public and asked where you could keep your keys while you run. Do you really think that everyone readying that aren't thinking the same thing? Maybe I should just say "Runnig naked? Tch tch that's naughty!" Women have put a lot stranger things into their ******* and I bet that you have too.

About where to put the keys, why not insert the key faub into your *****?

Oldjack: I get the picture now, sounds like a perfect spot for a public skinnydip where there is little chance of being seen but still the pleasant scary feeling of maybe getting caught.

I see what you mean about being mistaken as a naked perv, people wouldn't understand the pleasent and exciting feeling of being out naked, I think its easier for a girl.

I live in a town house and I have to walk down the street past the front gate to the comunity pool, other than a fence around it there is nothing to hide it. There are street lights so it's not really dark, I'll walk down there after 11pm, this is a snow bird comunity so many are gone this time of year, who ever is left are probbably in bed, other than the young couple i've seen there a few times I've never seen anybody elce there that late. It's not that I care if someone sees me naked, it would be my luck to have someone drive in as I walked past the gate naked and and call the cops and tell them theres a naked perv wandering the neighborhood, so I cary the towel, it's never happend but you never know.

oldjack5: I notice you have a towel just in case, you don't want to be seen same as me. I am curous about the pool, is it a council run one where you pay to go in or a pool in the bush where people just go to for a swim?

steamerb: I know how you feel it is scary and takes courage to do it but thats part of the fun.

jhere55: When you do tell us about it.

I walk to and from the pool naked all the time, about 500 yards, and after dark and I have a towel just in case. There is a young couple that I have met at the pool skinny dipping as well. I showed up one evening at the pool towel over my sholder, they were allready in the pool, they asked, did you walk from your house like that, I said yah ,why not? They allways bring their suits and towels and put their gear on before they leave. One night they arived wearing just their towels, I said first step. They enjoy being nude as well but just alittle nervous about getting caught. I hav'nt seen them lately but it will be a long hot summer here.


I felt the same way until I was caught. Now I totally love it.

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Nudydude I don't want to get caught that would be so embarressing, I like the feeling of freedom and the breeze on me and the scared feelling of maybe being caught.


I know you will. Full nudity is a must for full excitement. Just wait for that feeling when you are caught.

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Baldallover: Its a thrill alright, do you like being seen or hide from people like me?

Nudydude: I'm sticking to the rules.

Texad: I just did some naked beach walking when on hollidays it is wonderful feeling a warm breeze on a fully naked body.

Nytro44: You are game, but the more daring the more fun it is, You probably don't notice people atr night unless you are looking for them, I wont take any chances and will still hide from the cars though

I did a nude run around my neighborhood a month or so ago. No need to worry about where to put the keys. This run took place around 4:30am.

I have also done a dare similar to Nudy's, where I dropped off the door key to my Jeep in a area around a mile from a parking lot, then I went to the parking lot, ******** down, and locked my clothes and ignition key in the Jeep, leaving me with the only option of walking back to my door key, getting it, and walking back. This wasn't in a very busy area, in fact it was in one of our National Parks, but it was still challenging, and a lot of fun. The round trip went uneventful, and I made it without being noticed.

Also, the next time you take a drive around your neighborhood after dark, pay attention as you drive, do you notice people out walking? You would be surprised just how little you notice that goes on out of the beams of your headlights. You could probably walk nude down a side walk as a car is coming toward you, and you most likely wouldn't be noticed.

Love your story,in my home town it get really hot,so at night when it cools down,I like too take nude walks too cool off with the nightly breeze.


I have all the faith in the world you can.

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