Out For Another Naked Stroll..

I went out again last night.. or actually, I suppose I should say early this morning.

It had been a lovely day. Pleasantly sunny with just a little chill in the air. The kind of day that reminds you that summer is just around the corner.

I had the day working from home and hadn't felt the need to dress to do so. Taking casual day to the extreme! If only I could find a job where I could do that in the office...

I'd beed searching around the interweb for my favourite things when I suddenly had the urge to 'go for a walk'!

It was just after 1am. Normally I like to do this after 2ish but I hadn't heard any foot traffic past the house all night and I figured I'd chance it. Thursdays aren't the big 'out on the town' nights around here anyway.

I left the back door on the latch, I don't like to carry keys with me when I'm walking as it makes me feel even more naked and vulnerable. I also don't take any preliminary 'peeks' out the front door either, just walk straight towards it, open it, go out and close it. Just like that. If someone is out there, I am going to walk straight into them, stark naked! Just like I was going out for a newspaper on a Sunday morning. How I wish I could do just that!

Sometimes I've set an alarm on my phone for a specific time and vowed to myself that when that alarm goes off I am going to walk straight to the front door, open it and go out, then close it and walk around the house to the back. No checking first to see if anyone is there.. no hesitating.. just do it.. now!
I love the feeling of fear that someone might be walking past just when I walk out.

I do leave a backup key buried under the front hedge just in case of emergencies. But it would take me a couple of minutes to retrieve that one and not something I could get before being seen by anyone walking past. It's more of an escape route if my chosen entry back indoors through the back door is blocked for some reason.


So I reach for the door handle, take a deep breath, pull it open quietly, step outside and pull the door closed remembering to hold onto the knocker so it doesn't bang when the door shuts.

Then I turn around and see if I can start breathing again.

Luckily there's no-one around. But I know one day my luck is going to change! Oh well, not this time. Now.. where to go? Which way should I turn?

Better not just stand here.

I decided to turn left and head towards the little wooded area and then make a decision on a long or short walk when I get there.

I couldn't see any bedroom lights on in the houses as I walked oast them. A security light did come on in a garden four for five houses up ahead but I didn't hear any doors opening so I assumed it was either the wind rustling something or maybe a cat. Anyway, no-one jumped out on me and screamed when I walked past so I carried on.

It's always a bit scary when something like that happens but I quite enjoy the adrenaline rush and I know this street and its residents pretty well. There are four cats in residence and three of them are known to be prowlers. In fact, if cats could talk, I'm sure I'd be quite well known around these parts!
I'm pretty sure we also have a fox or two.

I kept on walking anyway.

I absolutely love the thrill of being out naked. The arousal is tremendous but, strangely, not always 'evident', if you catch my drift. Must be something to do with fear.

So I got to the wooded area with no incident other than a missed heartbeat or two and now I had another decision to make - left at ninety degrees to the street I just came up, down another street, left again and then I'm almost on the road that leads to my back garden, a journey of perhaps fifteen minutes in total; carry straight on along the path the runs through the wooded area, under a road into another street which I will have to walk along then turn left at the end and back to join the road that left here would reach, total journey time perhaps thirty minutes; or right past the wooded area and a school and towards a small parade of shops, then double back to here, ten minutes there and back then I will still have the same choice or back the way I came.

If all else fails, just keep doing what you're doing. So I decided to head straight on through the wooded area.

No sounds came from the woods, just the wind rustling through the leaves. It was a bit chilly now but maybe that was just the way the trees were funnellng the wind. I'd only been outside naked for about six or seven minutes and I didn't want to turn back just yet.

I was approaching the road now, the path goes underneath, and I could hear something coming. A car maybe? Sounded a but bigger than a car. Don't get many lorries along that road. Whatever it was it was getting louder. Definately not a car.

All of a sudden I was lit up like a stage act! Damn! The night bus! That's the problem with not sticking to your usual routine and going out for a naked stroll earlier than normal.

It didn't stop. I have no idea if anyone was on board and saw me or not. I doubt it. I was only lit up for two or three seconds and I was at least thirty yards away and below road level. The night bus stops at the small parade of shops which were now about 300-400 yards away and I had no idea how many people, if any, would be getting off. So I decided to take a short-cut back to safety.

It's not exactly a safe short-cut since it means walking along the path that runs beside the road for about a hundred yards but it does cut off two streets and about ten minutes of the walk. The path starts off here well below road level where the path crosses under it and then gently rises to road level so I would be visible to road traffic for a couple of minutes but I figured it was a chance worth taking. The bus had been the only traffic I'd heard since I came out.

Another couple of lost heartbeats and I started walking. No more busses came along. Nor did any other vehicular traffic. No bicycles either.

I turned left away from the road and began to head towards home. All I had now was two streets and a cul-de-sac.

The streets were uneventful, thankfully, and I reached the cul-de-sac which led to the parking area at the rear of my property where I park my car.

This was usually the most dangerous part since the majority of houses along here had their main bedrooms at the rear, looking over their gardens and the road. A quick scan down the row revealed no lights on or open windows but that could change in a second.

Nothing for it but to keep to one side, reducing my naked visibility to fifty percent of the potential audience, and go for it.

Don't run. Running footsteps outside a back gate near someone's car are always more likely to be investigated than those that are walking.

I reached my back gate and put my hand on the latch like I was reaching out for the sprint finish line at the olympics.

I don't think I'd been seen and I'd only lost a few heartbeats.

The last hurdle left is to open and close the gate without waking the neighbours and then slip back inside to relive the nights events.

..and contemplate where to go on the next naked walk!
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May 17, 2012