The Bigger The Dare The Bigger The Rush!

I've always loved being naked but always limited it to my bedroom or just inside the house until one late night around 10pm I decided to grill some chicken.  I got everything ready and before I knew it I was standing outside completely naked.  I had got so used to going around like that in the house that I didn't think before going outside.  Now I do it all the time.  I live in a quiet community with most people either young like me or retired.  The retired ppl are lights-out by 11pm and everyone else usually settles down by 3am....that's when I go for a run down the street (no sidewalk, just grass on the side of the road) and all the way down the road past all the houses, about 2 miles round trip. It's very exciting especially when a car is coming and you almost get caught.  I caught my neighbor in my backyard one night last week. She's maybe mid 30's but had come thru my fence and was walking in my backyard along the woods (big 2 acre yard bordered by woods on 2 sides), then she jumped the fence and was gone in the woods.  Since I know she's seen me before in my house, I couldn't resist and ran outside to follow her.  I couldn't find her so I decided to run thru her backyard while she was gone.  My skin is kinda mix between native american indian and medium mocha so I almost invisible since she had no security lights or outside lights on.  I walk up closer and closer to her house hiding behind a utility shed, then a recycle trash bin, then I made it to her porch and sat in one of the recliner type chairs to enjoy the rush and warm breeze.  Don't know how but I fell asleep for a min or two and when I woke up she was running across her yard straight for the porch.  I was like crap, I"m caught, but she ran up the 6 steps onto the wood deck and up to the porch without even seeing me.  She was completely naked and I was completely naked just 10 feet away and she didn' t see me!! my heart was pumping so loud in my ears it was crazy!  It was very exciting and the adrenaline rush gave me a monster hardon so I just stayed there another 10 minutes or so an rubbed it out hoping she would come out and catch me but she didn't come back out  so I started to walk away back to my yard and just as I was going thru my fence I looked back and could see her in the window watching me!! so I sprinted back inside for some reason but can't wait to do it again! glad I have a good neighbor that likes being naked outside at night too even if she older ha!
Nekkid9inches Nekkid9inches
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1 Response May 18, 2012

You should ask her to go naked running with you!!!!