Back when I was a teenager and my parents were on vacation or away for the weekend I would always go outside and wander around the backyard naked. A couple of times I opened the front gate and stood there in the open gate and looked around the neighbourhood but I was never brave enough to step out to the front. Sometimes I would turn all the lights off inside the house and open the front door and stand there naked for a minute, but still didn't go out. No yard any more so if I want to go nude outside (which I always do), I have to head to the nude beach.
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Yes! I had similar experiences as a teen. We were lucky that I had a creek to wander into from my backyard, so sometimes I could get pretty far away from my clothes. Very thrilling at that age!

I would do similar things when I was younger. There is nothing like the feeling that comes with being naked outside. The thrill is intense.

Its never too late to start going outside naked. During half a century of going outside naked I've been seen countless times and never experienced anything harmful. Maybe one person out of 10 makes some negative comment. Half make positive comments. Next time you are awake after dark or before dawn, just go out to the street. Or go to a park and get bare. Carpe Diem!