Hubby's **** Wife

I was getting quite bored after finishing some housework and was feeling quite horny so I decided that I was going to go out and have some fun. It was a nice summer day so I put on a skimpy little top that I often wear because it is very easy to take off and put back on, I also wore a very short mini skirt. I did not bother with any knickers or a bra as they just get in the way when you are going out for some outdoor sex.

I had read about this that in certain park where men go to hang around and have sex so I thought I would go there and take a look around and see what I could find. When I arrived there, there were a number of cars parked so I thought I would find someone there to **** and lick me. After walking around in the park for a little while I could see different guys walking in and out of the bushes so I decided to go and sit on a park bench for a while and see what happens.

I had been sitting there for only a short time when a guy about thirty or so came walking down the path. As he got nearer I opened up my legs so he would get a good look at my shaved *****, I turned my head to the side and made out like I had not noticed him. I could see through the corner of my eye that he was having a really good look at my **** as he walked by. I don’t think he quite knew what to do, but just after he walked past me I heard some noises from behind the bushes near me. When I looked over there I could see that he had taken his shorts off and he was standing there playing with himself.

I watched for a moment and then waved to him and at the same time lifted my top up so he could see my **** and also spread my legs as wide as they would go. I was starting to get VERY excited at being outdoors with this total stranger watching me and pulling himself. I watched him pull himself for a short time and then got up from the bench and started walking into the park towards some thick bushes, as I got up I motioned for him to follow me. I saw him pull his shorts back on and as I walked down the path a short way I met him coming out from behind the bushes. I could see this nice big erection poking into his pants holding out like a tent.

We said hi to each other and then I asked him where we could go for some fun ,he said he knew of a secluded place just up ahead so we walked up the path and went in behind some bushes. We hardly spoke a word to each other; we both knew why we were there, him to be a STUD and me to be a ****. As soon as we got in behind the bushes his hands started to grope me, I went straight for his hard throbbing ****. I pulled his pants down and wrapped one hand around his very stiff **** and used my other hand to feel his balls. As I *********** him he pulled my top off and undone my skirt and let it fall to the ground, there I was stark naked in this park with a total stranger. I was going to be His ****.

He was feeling my **** with one hand sometimes sucking them and had his other hand on my by now very wet *****, his fingers were probing my wet **** hole, after a moment he asked, SUCK my **** will you, with that I got down on my knees and started giving his **** a good sucking, I was squeezing his balls with my hands and he was holding my head while he was ******* MY MOUTH. After a few minutes of sucking his **** I stopped and said to him **** ME.

I pulled out his shorts down and took off his shirt and used our clothes for something to lie on, as I pulled a condom from my bag rolled it down his throbbing member and lay down with my legs spread wide. **** ME **** ME HARD I said to him, he climbed straight on and started pumping me as hard as he could, my legs were wrapped around him, bucking up at his every thrust, I heard him give a loud moan as he started shooting his load, filling his condom with HOT *****,I was ******* at the same time.

As he was getting off we noticed a guy watching from the bushes near us, he was pulling his ****, when he got off me he pulled the condom off and emptied it all over my ****. This other guy came out from the bushes and asked this stranger that had just ****** me if he could have a turn, she`s not my missus he said to him but I guess she would not care, she a real ****. At that point I did not care how many men were going to use me as a ****,I was still very turned on and wanted to be ****** some more.

The first guy moved back and the other guy took his place, he just pulled his trousers down and mounted me, I felt like such a ****, I loved it. This guy ****** me for a short time and blew his load pretty quick, probably from the excitement of watching me being ****** by the other guy. He too, withdrew his now shrinking **** and emptied the contents of the condom all over my ****.

They both helped me get up and they got dressed and walked off leaving me there naked to clean up their SPOOF, If I knew that they were clean I would have probably licked it all up right there in front of them. I hope you all like this story as it is very true.

I have since been back to this park quite a few times and let men have their way with me.

I am my hubby’s **** wife, I told him all about it when he got home from work, and he loves me being a **** for other men.
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where is this park, would love to go down there and maybe even down on you