I Love Her Pantiless

She was coming back from her overseas after 6 months away and I miss her.  a lot. When we met at the airport she was wearing a short skirt which i thought was strange because she does not like skirts above her knees. When we arrived car and home, i went round her to help her pick up something and when she alighted from my car she lifted her legs to come out, i saw what was the most beautiful sight i could see. I smiled at her and she told me she was pantiless from the time she left overseas until now and this is the shortest skirt she wore because she knows i like mini skirts. She has also shaved off her pubic hair. Before we took anymore things into the house, we went indoors and had the deepest penetration on the couch. After about a half hour reminiscing about how we missed each other, she put her skirt back on and we went out for lunch pantiless, including me. This seems to reaffirmed our love since I thought it could have gone the other way never knowing who she may meet there.

She has now returned back overseas and we do chat ocasionally, She has no  panties in her wardrobe at all. So she goes out everywhere pantiless. She likes the breeze when it blows up her skirt. I hope she returns the next time fo rmore fun soon.
nokiasports nokiasports
Jul 31, 2010